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organisational behaviour

Building bridges: what is best practice for structuring executive remuneration?

Is it shaped by social imperatives or should it be held as an economic negotiation? Dr Jonathan Trevor, Lecturer in Human Resources & Organisations at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses this contentious issue, calling for an increase in transparency and…

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2009 podcast trevor building bridges

A bitter pill to swallow

More and more companies are being forced to make redundancies as the downturn deepens. Whilst the outcome of downsizing is rarely seen as good, it can still be a success if the process is fair. Dr Philip Stiles, University Senior…

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2009 podcast stiles a bitter pill

Dr Michael Lynch, Autonomy: The dream team

Dr Michael Lynch OBE, Founder and CEO of Autonomy, explains the importance of building a team capable of delivering your vision - a top team full of the right talent will be able to convert an idea in a tough and competitive…

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2009 podcast lynch dream team

Why pay falls short of the promise

In the past pay was simply a necessary cost of doing business. Today pay is viewed as an inducement model; it is the carrot, not the stick. However Dr Jonathan Trevor, Lecturer in Human Resources & Organisations at Cambridge Judge…

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2009 podcast trevor why pay falls

The effects of personality on social structure

Next time you are at a social gathering, instead of chatting just to friends and colleagues, why not strike up a conversation with a complete stranger? For the effects of making contacts outside your usual circle may, according to new…

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2009 podcast kilduff the effects of personality