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Paul Kattuman

Superb teaching

Eight members of the Cambridge Judge faculty are awarded Teaching Prizes for excellence across the School's programmes. Eight members of the Cambridge Judge Business School faculty were awarded Teaching Prizes on 1 July for their teaching excellence across the School's…

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Coronavirus research

Working with Public Health England and the NHS in the East of England on responses to COVID-19 (coronavirus). A team of a dozen faculty and PhD students at Cambridge Judge Business School is working with Public Health England and the…

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Coronavirus research.

Internet Retailer: Winning the holiday price war

The holiday season is approaching fast and retailers will be competing aggressively to offer best deals to shoppers. Zach Blatt is investigating which retailers are most likely to offer best deals and what are the best strategies for smaller retailers…

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Green shoots of recovery, anyone?

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences: the maxim of the 'self fulfilling prophecy'. Forecasts that are sufficiently believed, cause people to act in ways that make the prediction come true. Forecasts about the economy…

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Distributing the downturn

The International Labour Organisation has forecast a rise in unemployment by 20 million worldwide by the end of 2009. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has forecast a loss of up to 10 million jobs within the OECD…

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The devil’s in the details: regulating financial innovation

With elections in India in a few months, the war on terror must be squarely at the centre of the political agenda. Not far away will be regulation of finance. As Sonia Gandhi put it, the poor had nothing to…

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2009 podcast kattuman devil in the detail