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The Telegraph: MBA salary boost ‘halved since the mid-1990s’

The average salary boost provided by studying for an MBA has halved since the mid-1990s despite course fees sharply rising, new rankings show… Eleven UK-based institutions also featured in the top 100, with London Business School – the top European…

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CEOs are overpaid

Overconfident, highly incentivised chief executives fall short of shareholder expectations, a new study reveals Research by Cambridge Judge Business School has found that the performance of CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) falls short of shareholder expectations. Raghavendra Rau, the Rothschild Professor…

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Professor raghavendra rau

Claudia Hammond, BBC: Job losses, library closures

The BBC's Claudia Hammond says earning a salary of over £20k doesn't necessarily make you any happier but job losses do matter - so will employment policies really change to incorporate 'well-being'?…

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2012 podcast hammond job losses

Good CEOs are underpaid!

Too many CEOs are paid too little not too much - research in the United States has lessons for the UK too Dr Bang Dang Nguyen, Cambridge Judge Business School Lecturer in Finance, says his research among top CEOs in…

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Dr bang dang nguyen

Can pay be strategic?

Why determining pay should be an act of leadership as opposed to an act of engineering In his new book Dr Jonathan Trevor, Co-Director of the Centre for International Human Resource Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, examines, through case…

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Dr jonathan trevor

Building bridges: what is best practice for structuring executive remuneration?

Is it shaped by social imperatives or should it be held as an economic negotiation? Dr Jonathan Trevor, Lecturer in Human Resources & Organisations at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses this contentious issue, calling for an increase in transparency and…

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Why pay falls short of the promise

In the past pay was simply a necessary cost of doing business. Today pay is viewed as an inducement model; it is the carrot, not the stick. However Dr Jonathan Trevor, Lecturer in Human Resources & Organisations at Cambridge Judge…

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2009 podcast trevor why pay falls