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Getting creative

Fresh research by Dr Andreas Richter into creative self-efficacy and creativity in teams has thrown new light onto an area overlooked in previous studies Prior research noted significant but not consistently strong relationships between creative self-efficacy and individual creativity but…

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2012 podcast richter getting2

Does my bottom line look big in this?

New research by Dr Ben Barry reveals how fashion brands can better influence the purchase intentions of women by the type of models they use, but warns there are significant cultural differences to observe Research into the way fashion brands…

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2012 podcast barry bottom line

Can we turn adversity into opportunity? Yes, we can

As 2008, a year that shook the world and began the restructuring of the global economies, draws to a close, we take a look at the year ahead. Which economies are likely to find it easiest to ride out the…

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2009 podcast adversity into opportunity