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Simon Deakin

Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2009

22,000 academics speak: results from the largest survey of academics 20 October 2009 On 20 October 2009 the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC) launched the results of the latest CBR research on how British academics interact with businesses and other…

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The Independent: Corporate social responsibility: beyond the bottom line

Some schools are trying to ensure that graduates understand the impact business has on society ... As Simon Deakin, professor of corporate governance at the Judge Business School in Cambridge, confirms: "Students now see companies making a big deal of…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2005

The Wal-Mart model: is it sustainable? 1 December 2005 Wal-Mart has just been the subject of a week of events in the US run by a campaign group concerned about Wal-Mart's corporate citizenship and its treatment of employees. Now new…

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Financial Times: No easy answer to long hours at work

When our report on Britain's long working hours hit the headlines recently we were surprised [write Catherine Barnard and Simon Deakin of CBR]. The stories reported a claim by Anna Diamantopoulou, the European Union employment commissioner, that our research had…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2003

Learning from Enron; what makes entrepreneurs tick; and the saga of Britain's managerial skills shortage... 17 October 2003 Why we might be learning the wrong lessons from the collapse of Enron; what Britain's high-tech entrepreneurs are really like; and the…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2002

The Cambridge Seminar on Financial Regulation 25-27 September 2002 The seminar brought together senior bank regulators from South East Asia to discuss the role played by financial regulation and the theory and practice of prudential regulation in an international context.…

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The Mail on Sunday: A mauling for the mutuals

Building society members should have a much bigger say in how their organisations are run, say researchers at Cambridge University ... One of the ways that mutuals such as Portman and Chelsea can justify their existence as independent businesses is…

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