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Does the stock market benefit the economy?

A research project carried out by a Research Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Finance (CCFin), Jisok Kang, and his co-author, Kee-Hong Bae, suggests evidence that a functionally efficient stock market do promote economic growth. Finance researchers have extensively investigated…

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New limits to arbitrage

The structure of institutional stock ownership - not just the per cent of total institutional ownership - is important in understanding how limits to arbitrage prevent investors from adjusting prices to their efficient values, says study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business…

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Investing in 2013? Ask John Maynard Keynes

Economist John Maynard Keynes ran the endowment fund at King’s College from 1921 until his death in 1946. His highly successful approach is providing valuable insight for today’s investors. The first in-depth analysis of Keynes’ investment career, co-authored by Cambridge…

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Dell vs Icahn. Which side are you on?

Michael Dell and Carl Icahn are locked in what could prove to be the shareholder battle of 2013. Who is right? Teruyuki Asaoka, a Cambridge MBA student fresh from completing his last assignment for the Cases in Corporate Finance elective,…

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2013 podcast mba asaoka collaco The truth behind testosterone: why men risk it all

How do hormones such as testosterone and cortisol affect our ability to work, rest and play? A stock-market trader turned neuroscientist has the answer… Canadian-born John Coates is partly bald, with the physique of someone who swims regularly. When Coates…

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‘Shareholder Spring’ failed to make waves

Professor Raghavendra Rau and Dr Bang Dang Nguyen agree that the so-called 'Shareholder Spring' has proved to be a damp squib Two acknowledged leading financial thinkers believe the much-vaunted 'Shareholder Spring' that began to emerge in the spring of 2012…

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Harvard Law School Forum: Ownership dispersion and the London Stock Exchange’s “Two-thirds rule”

In contrast to most other countries, in both Britain and the United States, a hallmark of corporate governance is a separation of ownership and control in major business enterprises... The following post comes to us from Dr David Chambers of…

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From top to bottom

john myA new analysis reveals Keynes extraordinary returns hinged on a radical switch he made from being a 'top down' macro manager to a 'bottom up' stock picker Idiosyncratic portfolios and an unconventional approach are two of the findings in…

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Kirill Slavin, Slavin & Associates: Damning kleptocracy

State ownership and meddling is interfering with Russia's stock market, but investors should definitely take advantage of Russia's low stock prices says Kirill Slavin, Director of Slavin & Associates. He explains why Russia's stocks are the world's cheapest and why…

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