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A quiet revolution

The government's out-of-date use of IT is poised to enter a new age with changes in service design and procurement The way government uses IT is poised to enter a new age with changes in service design and major savings…

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2012 podcast thompson quiet revolution

Searching to regulate Google

Clearer regulatory guidelines are needed to prevent Internet search engines abusing their dominant positions The European Union's decision to investigate allegations against the internet search engine giant, Google, has been welcomed by Dr Michael Barrett, Cambridge Judge Business School's Reader…

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Dr michael barrett

Upwardly mobile

Dr Michael Barrett has been finding out how one mobile phone service called "MPESA", which is linking people in Kenya to financial services, has become a "phenomenally successful" business unit within Vodafone. It all began as a CSR project.…

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Banning the BlackBerry

Security concerns are the real issue surrounding the BlackBerry ban in Saudi Arabia and UAE Jim Krane, long-time reporter for the Associated Press in the Persian Gulf region and author of recent book on Dubai City of Gold, who has…

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2010 podcast krane banning

Charles Kane, One Laptop Per Child: Education can change the world!

Charles Kane, President of One Laptop Per Child, says their business model is more like academia than social enterprise. Yet with only 30 staff, 1.5 million laptops have already reached the developing world. Education is what underpins the success of a nation, he…

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2010 podcast kane education

Steve Street, IBM Global Services: Services science – thinking about service in an innovative, integrated way

Steve Street, Senior IT Architect for UK & Ireland New Business, Integrated Technology Delivery, IBM Global Services, explains why the financial meltdown, which demonstrates the limitations of a purely financial model, will motivate a move towards multiple sources of value.…

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Steve street

Government IT for today’s “Internet Native” society

Dr Mark Thompson, University Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, explains why the UK Government would benefit from the introduction of an open IT procurement process, supported by open standards and open source models. This model would create…

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2009 podcast thompson government it

‘Value for money’ makes the world go round

Professor Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, believes that in 2009, for the first time, it will be the emerging economies who will be providing 100% of the world's economic growth. Their ability, in…

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2009 podcast williamson value for money

Why some technical decisions are too important to leave to engineers

In 1972, Polaroid launched the SX-70, the first fully integrated instant camera and film system, hailed by Fortune magazine as one of the greatest industrial inventions of the time. In achieving this amazing innovation, which made the cover of Life magazine, Polaroid…

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2008 podcast munir why some technical decisions