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venture capital

How Cambridge MFin students helped VC firm identify new start-ups for investment

The Group Consulting Project (GCP) is a cornerstone of our Master of Finance degree. We spoke to the project hosts and a group of students from one of the MFin 2022 projects to find out more about their experience. At…

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The Group Consulting Project: a highlight of the Cambridge MFin programme.

New Ventures Asia: Podcast – How can climate technology companies be built quickly and surely?

Chris Coleridge, Management Practice Associate Professor at Cambridge Judge Business School, talks of how him and his colleagues are helping build innovative organisations that will have the potential to reduce carbon emissions by 10 million tonnes per annum at Carbon…

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Green enterprise

Investors are drawn to climate-change entrepreneurs as society realises it faces a 'world war'-like threat requiring sustained engagement, says Chris Coleridge of Cambridge Judge Business School. By Dr Chris Coleridge Dr Chris Coleridge Entrepreneurs and not just big corporates are…

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An entrepreneur gazes through the window at a view full of greenery.

Expressing their opinion

Two Cambridge MBA students, Charles Heller and Paiak Vaid, have letters to the editor published in the Financial Times newspaper less than a week apart, on mobile infrastructure and tech hubs. Charles Heller (MBA 2018) Two current MBA students at…

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A female founder’s story

Female founder and entrepreneur Ashwini Anburajan (Cambridge MBA 2009) outlines her journey to startup 22xFund in New York, USA, disrupting and re-inventing the venture capital landscape along the way. "When I started as a female founder of an ad tech…

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Tips for ventures

Experts discuss how startup ventures can avoid fundraising pitfalls at Enterprise Tuesday event at Cambridge Judge Business School. Entrepreneurship has always been about trial and error, so learning from mistakes is a key part of the journey – and raising…

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2018 Entrepreneurship: Tips for ventures.

Gulf News: Mideast corporates need to get into venture capital

Badr Jafar, CEO of the Crescent Group and a member of Advisory Board at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about capital venture capital and how MENA region could benefit from it. “In the UAE, for example, of the 10 most…

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A time to venture?

High risk and a leap in the dark - venture capital isn't for everyone. How can anyone seeking to invest in it gain a better understanding of the risks and potential rewards? For the investor who wants to add a…

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VC and patents

Venture capital investment does not boost patents by technology firms, finds new study at University of Cambridge Judge Business School. 'Patenting has much sharper effects on VC investments than the other way around'. Venture capital firms are successful by picking…

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Dodging the “academic valley of death”

Universities can help academic discoveries avoid venture capital pitfalls, says research at Cambridge Judge Business School Universities can play a big role in helping scientific advances attract venture capital and avoid the “academic valley of death” that often defeats discoveries,…

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