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Vincent Mak

Wirtschafts Woche: When customers determine the price for a product

The ‘pay what you want’ compensation model has been used for many years, especially in sparsely populated areas. Owners of small shops often do not have the financial means to hire a cashier and can not even always be on…

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The Conversation: Why the butcher, the baker and the hotelier are adopting the honesty box

Our research suggests that, with sufficient social momentum among customers to collectively support the seller, this type of plea could indeed drive up payment substantially under pay-what-you-want. Then an honesty box certainly isn’t a bad policy after all. Vincent Mak,…

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The Independent: Honesty box hotels – you decide how much you pay

Some hotels in Paris have introduced a new payment method for their guests, allowing them to pay only what they think their stay was worth. Vincent Mak, University Lecturer in Marketing, Cambridge Judge Business School, comments. Read the full article []…

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The Times: Raconteur: Keep your customers happy by understanding ‘new’ loyalty

Businesses need to keep pace with rapidly changing buyer behaviour to engender customer loyalty, writes Leo King. Vincent Mak, a lecturer in marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, recalls a campaign by Chevrolet to launch an SUV (sport utility vehicle),…

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BBC Radio 4: You and yours

Lecturer in Marketing, Dr Vincent Mak has been advising the programme recently on retail issues. The programme was investigating on how the layout, sound, colour etc of  a retail outlet affect the brain of the consumer and thus their purchasing…

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Motivated to innovate?

The traditional view of dominant firms being lethargic is misinformed: dominant firms can actually be highly successful innovators Dr Vincent Mak, University Lecture in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, says new research reveals that dominant firms do innovate under…

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