Masters in Entrepreneurship application: what happens next?

Here’s what happens after you’ve submitted your MSt application to the Business School:

Stage one

Once the admissions team has received your Cambridge application and the supporting documentation, you are notified if you have been shortlisted for a video interview with the Programme Director or by a member of School faculty on the programme. The purpose of the interview is to further gauge your suitability for the programme.

Stage two

The Admissions Committee submits the outcome of their review of your application to Cambridge Judge Business School’s Degree Committee for approval.

Stage three

If you are successful, the Registry Manager of the Institute of Continuing Education will issue a formal offer letter.

The offer of a place at the programme will tend to come with conditions attached. These might be:

  • financial, proving that you have the funds to pay for the programme
  • language-related, proving that your English language skills are proficient
  • academic, requiring submission of original documents.

It is your responsibility to meet these requirements and provide the necessary evidence.

Stage four

The offer will also be subject to you obtaining College membership. The request for membership to the College of your choice is made by the Programme Manager.

Stage five

This is the final stage of the applications process. Once you have met all the conditions of your admission and have the offer of a College place, you will be notified that you may begin your programme at the start of the academic year.

At this stage, you can start making arrangements like visa, travel and accommodation.