Life as a Cambridge MBA

So, what does Cambridge mean to me?

This is a place where things begin.

Cambridge means a lot of things.

Cambridge has almost been the Mecca of education for me, something that’s traditional and innovative.

It’s a challenge, believing in yourself.

And above all, it means a dream.

Cambridge Judge Business School is not about business school, but it’s about, like a whole Cambridge community.

It means an opportunity to explore myself fully.

I find new opportunities to go to broaden my Horizons, but professionally, socially and globally.

The ability to mingle with some of the best in the world, once in a lifetime, opportunity to meet a lot of bright people here. It has a very international and diverse student body.

We have 41 nationalities. I was looking for that international exposure.

Cambridge, as a city for me, is very special because it’s very warm. It’s very supportive.

Everyone you meet is such an interesting story.

Cambridge is the best place to prepare for your next step.

A place of discovery and creation.

A limit plus possibility, an opportunity to find a new family.

It’s sort of the hub, and it pieces together the past.

The present and the future.

History has been right here.

The alumni include Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking.

This is a blank canvas, and I can do whatever my heart desires here.

Cambridge, to me, means transformation and experience I never expected to have in my life.

Cambridge, is where I’m supposed to be right now.

Cambridge Judge Business School sits right in the middle of the city, surrounded by Colleges, and is a few minutes’ walk from King’s College Chapel and the River Cam.

This is a unique and beautiful city in which to spend 12 months studying for your MBA. It is a small town, easy to cycle across, with plenty of green space and beautiful historic architecture.

Our students enjoy the setting as an inspiring backdrop for study and collaboration. But Cambridge is only 45 minutes from London by train, so you will also feel connected to the capital and the opportunities for work and leisure there.

The City of Cambridge

Cambridge is a thriving city for business and is referred to as the ‘Silicon Fen’ because of the high density of technology innovation and startup activity in the city.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Cambridge attracts the largest investment per capita in Europe, five times that of London. The total amount of capital (including VC) invested in Cambridge startups is £600 million.

900 high-tech firms operate within 50 miles of the city centre; 36% in healthcare and life sciences, 24% in IT and 16% in communications.

Find out more about the Cambridge cluster

The Business School, your College and your family

Established in 1990, the building was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II upon completion in August 1995. Under appointment of architect John Outram, the building reflects our focus on interaction and collaboration, incorporating large break out areas to stimulate a networking environment. This can also be reflected in the seminar balconies, rather like opera boxes, for individuals to collaborate on projects.

As a Cambridge MBA, the majority of your time will be spent at Cambridge Judge Business School, where most of your lectures, meetings, careers sessions and leadership events will take place. With its central location in the city, you are able to connect easily with your College environment and other sites in the city.

All Cambridge MBAs become a member of one of the University’s Colleges, allowing students to experience the rich history and traditions of the University of Cambridge. Colleges offer accommodation including facilities for dining and socialising. Most MBAs choose to live in their College, with some providing single or family accommodation.

Each College has its own internal governance and procedures. They select their own students, subject to University regulations, and most admit both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

It is the responsibility of the MBA Admissions team to apply and secure a College place for you. This process happens after you have accepted an offer to join the MBA.

Read more about the College application process

College life will enable you to diversify your School network – to meet and be inspired by students and academics from a wide range of disciplines. This exciting mix of individuals has led to exciting and fruitful collaborations – MBAs have joined forces with collegiate peers to combine knowledge and skills to create new ventures.

Visit the University website to find out about Colleges

Your accommodation

The majority of single MBA students are offered accommodation by their College. You can expect different facilities in different Colleges, some may offer more modern facilities including en-suite bathrooms whilst others may not. It is important to note that not all College accommodation is situated within the main College grounds and that many graduates live in College houses in and around the easily accessible city centre.

Learn more about accommodation for MBAs

We understand that opting to do an MBA is a joint decision for candidates with partners and family. We welcome and encourage partners to our open days (running throughout the year) and interview days. We also invite current MBA partners to provide insight to those attending. We also provide support in finding family friendly accommodation and advise you of the several Colleges that provide family sized apartments.

The City as a location for families

Cambridge is an ideal location for couples and families with children. Small with green spaces and beautiful architecture, Cambridge also offers a wide range of cultural, educational and leisure activities and is easily accessible from the rest of the UK and overseas. With a cosmopolitan population, schools in Cambridge welcome children from around the world. The University also runs two nurseries in the city for University members, close to the School.

We provide support where we can upon your arrival to help you and your family settle in. You will also be within a community of partners and families if you decide to live in your College. The University has a wide range of facilities and services for students with children and can provide advice on healthcare, accommodation, childcare and financial help available to you.

Find out more about the Central Childcare Bursary Scheme

Read the Cambridge guide for student parents

View the CUSU childcare information

Find out more about childcare information services for Cambridgeshire

Hear from our students on Cambridge life

Janie Dickerson, Cambridge MBA class of 2021

My journey to business school

Hi, my name is Janie Dickerson and I am a current MBA candidate at Cambridge Judge Business School. I’m originally from Chicago Illinois in the States, but my career was in New York City and after the MBA, I am hoping to relocate to London here in the UK.

My background is in arts marketing specifically for Broadway. I love working for the arts.
It’s absolutely thrilling, worked on some really cool projects with amazing people. My first job was at a tech theatre startup and my next role was in a more traditional capacity at a marketing agency for Broadway shows on tour. But when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and theatres closed around the world, I decided to take the opportunity to go to business school and pursue my dream of moving to the UK.

I wanted the degree to change my life. So I only applied to schools abroad and Cambridge was perfect, not only because of the collaborative ethos and the really awesome people that I met through the recruitment process, but they also had a Culture, Arts and Media Concentration which had my name written all over it.
I was really excited to talk to Professors who knew where I was coming from, knew how to talk to me in my language, which is the arts sector.

Ezinne Onyeka, Cambridge MBA class of 2020

My journey to business school

Hi my name is Ezinne, I am currently an MBA student at Cambridge Judge Business School and from Nigeria, from the eastern part of Nigeria.

And Fun fact or not so fun fact – I grew up in the northern part of Nigeria – My parents are from the eastern part of Nigeria and high school in the western part of Nigeria – and so I’m a huge Nigerian citizen.

I went to university at Covenant University in the western part of Nigeria where I studied economics mostly because I really liked economics in high school and I was one of the best at it in high school.

And so I went ahead to study Economics in Carbon at university and then after that I got a job at KPMG where I was a consultant. At KPMG I was a Front Investigator and Risk Assessor and a Strategy Consultant. It was consulting with a whole bunch of things, so we did a lot of different things.

From consulting to business school

I was at KPMG for 3.5 years and then I decided to go to business school. I decided to go to business school because I wanted to do something different, I loved KPMG, I absolutely love and adore consulting but I thought it would be nice to do something different and so I decided to go to business school to see what’s out there and you know explore it.

Tailoring my Cambridge MBA

So at the Business School I focused on Concentrations like Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation because during the summer before business school myself on a couple of people going to Cambridge had you know gotten together because we had similar interests in non tech tech and so we were trying to explore the different non-tech rules in tech companies and when we found roles like operations and product strategy and product marketing we decided okay maybe this is something that we could go for. And so we took some of these Concentrations in Marketing in Digital Marketing, in Digital Transformation and Product Design. And made our Cambridge experience tailored towards what we wanted to do.

And so after the Cambridge MBA – my MBA ends in in two months which is really sad – I’ll be joining one of the companies in a non tech role. I’m really excited.

Nathan Ramadhan, Cambridge MBA class of 2020

Three reasons for choosing Cambridge Judge Business School

Hi everyone, my name is Nathan and I’m here to tell you the three things. So I love studying at
Cambridge Judge Business school.

The first reason is that I will be able to make real world impact even before
I graduate through their hands on consulting projects that they have here for students, such as the Global Consulting Project or the Cambridge Venture Project in which we help entrepreneurs and even blue chip companies solve some of their most challenging problems.

Second, is the ability to have a diverse conversation with people in the cohort and within the wider University, I have around 50 different nationalities in my class and around 70% of us are from international backgrounds and obviously the wider University ecosystem has countless more nationalities, and this helps me challenge my thought
and challenge my experiences to make me a whole a better person.

And the third and final reason is because again, I got to be a part of the Cambridge ecosystem, to be a part of this 800 year old legacy that they have here to be able to stay in very, very old College is to be able to attend formal dinners, wearing gowns and to listen to some of the most brightest people in the world in the Cambridge Union debates, and I think these are experiences that I cannot get anywhere else.

Nicole Advani, Cambridge MBA class of 2020

Why I chose Cambridge Judge

Yes, hi, my name is Nicole Advani and I’m an MBA candidate at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

My programme started in september of 2020 and we’re just wrapping it up in September of 2021. So it’s a one year MBA programme.

I’m originally from the US specifically Seattle Washington and I was keen to try and find a programme that gave me a really diverse and international experience, both in terms of the content and curriculum, but also in terms of the classmates and students that were involved. Cambridge Judge has been a great business school to be able to do both of those things.

Exposure at Cambridge Judge

I’ve had a lot of exposure to a variety of cultures, backgrounds, professions and a lot of different interests that I’ve been able to explore and try and get a better understanding of through my colleagues.

Ideal type of student

I think the type of student that’s attracted to Cambridge Judge Business School is one that likes to collaborate, a person that’s inquisitive and curious, someone that’s hard working but also likes to have a good time.

I know one of the things I like best about Cambridge Judge Business School is the people, my fellow students and colleagues, we really become like a family away from home and I’ve admired so much what they’ve been doing and capable of doing in the future as well.

Being part of the Universty of Cambridge

I think Cambridge Judge business school was a place that I wanted to apply because of the curriculum, the exposure to international programmes, Cambridge itself and then the types of students that apply as well as mentioned, the people are one of my favorite parts of Cambridge, but what’s been really nice is being able to explore the University of Cambridge with them as well. Cambridge Judge Business School is a specific department within the larger University, so having access to all the resources and minds that exist in the University of Cambridge ecosystem as a huge asset to being a student on the MBA programme at Cambridge Judge as well.

Toni Thorne, Cambridge MBA class of 2020

Why I chose Cambridge Judge for my MBA

I really wanted to feel like a goldfish in an ocean of endless possibilities. And the only way I could do that would be to do a world class MBA and so I looked at classes all over North America and here in the UK. And I decided that Cambridge would be top of my list.

Why Cambridge – number one, the city is beautiful. People don’t understand what I mean, they would think that I would go to London and that I didn’t want to come back here – I love being here.

Cambridge is a vibe. Everybody that comes here realises it, it’s beautiful.

Two, class sizes are really small, so you get extra attention.

Three, educational excellence across the board, you have that access to a wonderful network of persons.

Four, Silicon Fen is here, which is the largest ecosystem of entrepreneurship across Europe and five just because it’s Cambridge.