Cambridge Executive Master of Accounting career benefits

The Executive Master of Accounting programme at Cambridge Judge Business School trains decision-makers, not technicians. Our curriculum enhances students’ abilities to lead innovation in accounting and finance roles.

This is the only accounting leadership programme in the world where instructors customise curriculum and career mentorship to students’ needs, including facilitating new teaching cases and identifying new professional career advisors, based on student input. It is designed for students who want to change roles or change how their current roles function.

The Cambridge Executive Master of Accounting can, for example, accelerate students for leadership roles within current employment. The programme’s part-time structure allows students to continue working and to incorporate, in real-time, what they’ve learned to their work environment.

  • “Programming […] in class helped me realise that there are still so many ways that my organisation can become more efficient, effective and save thousands of dollars and many hours of labour. I realised that […] SQL code could […] free up auditors to perform more value-adding activities rather than time-guzzling administrative tasks.”
  • “I have learnt data analytics skills, programming and software, including python, SQL, AI, machine learning and blockchain, Tableau, which are very useful in managing our algorithmic trading business. Recently, by applying the knowledge in Python and SQL, I have started a project to automate the margin and risk calculation and control system of commodify trading under the margining methodology of NASDAQ. I have also started a project on application of blockchain for wealth management.”
  • “I have learnt about the importance of intrapersonal awareness and the impact on interpersonal and organisation levels, which is very important in improving my management skills and wellbeing.”
  • “I’ve learned a lot about power dynamics, which I now observe with more clarity at work. I also learned about how I impact group dynamics; I now listen more intently, understand people better, and have earned more trust with my team.”

The Cambridge Executive Master of Accounting also supports paths to roles such as:

  • Accounting firm partnership
  • CFO
  • Controller
  • Financial leadership
  • Market regulator
  • Climate-related financial disclosure
  • Social-related financial disclosure
  • Finance and accounting public policy roles.

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