Teaching and assessment

The Executive Master of Accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School is comprehensively taught and rigorously assessed to create a new generation of accounting experts.

Educational aims

  • Develop genuine global thought-leaders for the accounting profession
  • Provide training in judgement under uncertainty, advanced accounting, data analytics and process management for students who have very strong academic qualifications and relevant professional experience
  • Develop students’ independent thinking so that they can become professionally impactful change agents
  • Launch students to leadership-track career opportunities that rely on enhanced skills in judgement under uncertainty, change management, and proactive thinking
  • Prepare students to strategically lead the immense change that technology, data and automation have and will continue to have on the accounting profession.


Given the structure of the degree and the class demographic, there are no formal supervisions through Colleges, or during the course of the Executive Master of Accounting.

However, there are a great many opportunities to link with academic and professional staff throughout the year, and students are encouraged to use these links.

Teaching methods

Teaching is typically delivered through formal lectures, participative workshops and case learning. The Executive Master of Accounting aims to foster a learning environment where ideas can be generated and discussed, and we expect students to contribute actively to this environment.

Assessment methods

Assessment is through a mix of exams, written assignments, attendance at events, and presentations. Assessment methods vary by course, with some courses using a combination of methods.

Students are assessed in both individual and group work and they will receive both qualitative and quantitative feedback on assessments.


Students receive both qualitative and quantitative feedback on coursework and most assessments.  However, students receive only a numerical score for written examinations, and do not receive qualitative feedback.