What makes the Cambridge Executive Master of Accounting distinctive?

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Today’s organisations need accounting and finance leaders to be exceptional communicators with vision, who can innovate and collaborate, and who can channel data into strategy.

Dr Mike Willis, Director, Cambridge Executive Master of Accounting programme

The Executive Master of Accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School is developed by award-winning instructors and expert advisors. It brings you comprehensive, forward-looking, real-world experiences and projects.

Core features

Designed to train decision-makers

Our curriculum is designed to train decision-makers, not technicians, leading to innovation roles in accounting and finance fields. You learn to:

  • exploit technical accounting knowledge to advise financial reporting standard-setters on how they could better communicate the economic health of corporate entities
  • advise senior accounting firm partners and market regulators on how audits can become more reliable and garner more public trust
  • use data and predictive analytics to better understand how to properly interpret data and to enhance communication with data scientists
  • consider how to collect, disseminate, enhance the credibility of and interpret climate- and social-related financial disclosure data.

Engagement with senior professionals and market regulators

You will regularly engage with senior professionals and market regulators about the most pressing issues in the field. These include audit policy, global climate-related financial reporting, cybersecurity, and professional infrastructure change.

A collaborative global community

The two-year masters degree fosters a collaborative global community. You will engage with students from every corner of the world, including Africa, Australia, Middle East, Asia, North America, South America and Europe.

Career synergies

Because our Executive Master of Accounting programme is part-time, you can apply what you learn immediately in your work context and accelerate your impact in real-time.

I have an extremely positive assessment of my achievements on a personal level, with my social project, on a professional level, with the position and exposure that I have already reached in my career, and on a financial level. The only problem that I have now, as a graduate of the Cambridge Executive Master of Accounting, is to think that at 27 years old, I have achieved goals that I doubted I could ever reach. Now it’s time to establish new goals!

José Renato Zappa, Legion Holdings, Brazil