External PhD scholars

It is possible for scholars who are:

  • registered as full-time PhD students at another university,
  • pursuing joint research with a Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) faculty member,
  • not physically present in Cambridge on an ongoing basis

to apply for a position of External PhD Scholar for a period of up to one year.

The External PhD Scholar is a separate and different type of arrangement from the Visiting Research Student arrangement. While the Visiting Research Student arrangement requires ongoing in-person presence in Cambridge, the External PhD Scholar arrangement does not. Instead, the External PhD Scholar arrangement enables a PhD student from another university to engage in remote collaborative research with a CJBS faculty member while allowing for occasional in-person visits, if needed.


As an applicant you will need the support of a Cambridge Judge Business School faculty member, who must agree to be your host.

The faculty member will apply to the Director of the PhD programme on your behalf, outlining the proposed joint research and target journals for a joint publication.

Following provisional approval by the PhD Director, you must contact the PhD office to provide:

  • a supporting letter from your academic supervisor at your current university
  • the dates you wish to be registered as an external PhD scholar
  • the provisional dates of your in-person visit(s), if any


The fee, in advance, is £250 to cover administrative expenses. There might be additional fees if you plan to attend departmental activities such as seminars and conferences while visiting in person.

In-person visits / visa

It is possible to visit Cambridge for a short time whilst registered as an External PhD Scholar. The PhD Director may limit the number, length, and frequency of in-person visits, as appropriate.

If you are from outside the UK, you would be likely to need a Visitor visa and such visits would need to be supported by a visa letter from Cambridge Judge Business School.  

We recommend that you research any country-specific limitations on the frequency and duration of such visits. Proof of funding may be required and private medical insurance is strongly recommended. Visit the “Short period of study” page on the International Students website for advice. If you are subject to visa fees, you would need to cover these yourself; CJBS will not cover your visa fees. 


You will not be allocated an ID card, a desk or a PC at Cambridge Judge Business School. Your supporting faculty member would need to make access arrangements for you, subject to ongoing access conditions.