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There’s a uniquely creative, innovative atmosphere [at Cambridge], unlike any I’ve encountered anywhere else in the world.
Johann Xavier, Regional Chief Financial Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, EMBA 2010


The Executive MBA Admissions Committee aims to create a diverse class of talented, energetic and creative team players. Our participants possess a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

Classes have representatives from a wide variety of industry sectors, we try to ensure no sector or profession is overrepresented. Participants come from all around the world, ensuring stimulating discussion and a range of outlooks.

This is what places us among the top executive MBA programmes, as much of the learning on such courses comes from interaction with classmates.

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Class size

We aim to achieve a class size which will facilitate a lively and fertile learning environment, while at the same time being small enough to enable fellow participants to get to know each other and faculty members very well.

Class of 2022

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2022 class profile

2022 class statistics including nationalities, experience and background.

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We believe the ability to collaborate effectively is at the heart of business success. The Executive MBA programmes encourage this approach during both classes and projects, asking you to work in international teams and to join forces to test your new skills in the business world.


The network of personal and professional contacts you make in Cambridge will be invaluable in your future career. The University has 190,000 alumni, 18,000 students and 5,000 academic staff, including numerous Nobel Prize winners. As an Executive MBA participant, you become a member of this powerful network. Read more about some of the Cambridge EMBA alumni you’ll be connected to and see how they are making headlines.

Teaching excellence

As part of the University of Cambridge, we have an unparalleled faculty, who are world leaders in their field and undertake cutting-edge research. Our faculty members consult for top businesses, advise governments and publish numerous journals, books and papers. As an Executive MBA participant you will have access to all University of Cambridge faculty and can tap into their unrivalled expertise.

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Value of networking

William Hunnam (EMB 2010), talks about the value of networking.

The network has been exceptional, I think, even in the first few weekends here in Cambridge. You’re starting to get to know your classmates and starting to learn their breadth of knowledge and experience. And then you start to pick up a lot of ideas from different people within the class. Ultimately, it’s led to me taking a huge career change and starting a new venture with three of my classmates. So the impact that the network’s had on me has been impressive.

Benefit from the alumni network

Tom Martin (EMBA 2016) explains how the EMBA alumni network contributed to his team consulting project.

Just to share an example of the power of the alumni network on the Cambridge EMBA and MBA – so while we were doing our team consulting project, a core part of the programme in Kazakhstan, so halfway across the world – we went from meeting with sovereign wealth fund, and were really intrigued about what they were doing, what the priorities were. And to cut a long story short, within a few minutes, the head of the strategy for the sovereign wealth fund was somebody that had been doing the Cambridge EMBA, so had been in our shoes, only three or four years earlier. She talked really passionately about how they were transforming the country, how they’re running a number of significant privatisations. And all she wanted to do was help us, help us be successful with our team consulting project.

And also you found out some of the latest gossip from the lectures. It was absolutely fantastic. And it was fun just to see the power of that network in action.

It was not only the reputation of Cambridge, but the people who made the big difference – the personalised touch, the emphasis on the cooperative approach and the international focus. The best ambassadors of the programme were the previous students who talked to me about their experience.
Maria Dominguez, Asset Manager SES, The Netherlands, EMBA 2010