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Aleksandar Pejic

The only way I could adjust to the changes in my industry – and continue to grow – was to acquire some formal business training.
Aleksandar Pejic

Following the dream

It took me some time – and an interesting career path – before I discovered what I really wanted to do for a living. My educational rollercoaster began as a music student, initially studying to become a jazz double bass player. I had then served in the military as a paratrooper, before following in my father’s footsteps and studying for degrees in both engineering and architecture. It was during my studies that I was first introduced to computer graphics, coding and the magical world of 3D design. In time, I left the job I had in architecture to follow my dream: work in the CGI film industry.

I initially started as a 3D artist in London at Double Negative in London. At the time, it was a fairly new company, but is now one of the biggest visual effect facilities in the world. After a few years, I wanted to explore my role in this industry further and received a Master’s degree in Computer Imaging from Westminster University, London.  

Over the course of my 17-year career, I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from Oscar-winning VFX supervisors and directors such as Christopher Nolan, David Yates and Roland Emmerich. Some of the many movie productions I have been part of include Inception, The Dark Knight, Total Recall and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Acquiring business training

My career in in visual effects had always been defined by the creative and technical challenges of my role, but I was never expected to understand the business side of the industry, nor did I want to at the time. However, my career development has since undergone a steep learning curve of failures and achievements, to the point where the only way I could adjust to the changes in my industry – and continue to grow – was to acquire some formal business training. What the Cambridge EMBA offers as both a programme and learning environment is beyond what I could ever have imagined, and being surrounded by incredibly smart and passionate people, all of whom share the same drive as me, lives up to the University’s 800-year legacy, in my eyes.  


Cambridge Executive MBA 2017


Visual Effects Supervisor, Cinesite


MA Computer Imagining, University of Westminster; BSc in Architecture, University of Belgrade, School of Architecture; Diploma in Civil Engineering, Advanced School of Civil Engineering and Geodesy