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Alfonso Hernandez

Alfonso Hernandez
I feel right at home at Microsoft and every day I am empowered to tackle big problems, to challenge the status quo and take calculated risks.
Alfonso Hernandez

My background and journey

I was born in north-eastern Mexico and was fascinated by technology growing up. Naturally, I went to engineering school and majored in computer electronics and robotics. Immediately after graduating, I joined one of the biggest corporations in Mexico, CEMEX, where I had great mentors that helped me grow to become a Manager. During my tenure, I led IT programs with the Ministry of Telecommunications, some of which requested by the President of Mexico. 

I moved to California in early 2010 to join Ericsson. The company gave me the opportunity to work in multiple areas of the business, including pre-sales engineering, operations, resource management, software architecture and project delivery.

Working for Microsoft

In early 2018, I was invited to interview with Microsoft in Washington State. Fearing the end of the interview process, I disclosed that I had been accepted into the Cambridge Executive MBA programme and would be traveling to the UK on a monthly basis to attend the programme. My interviewer, and now manager, surprised me by stating that my personal objective was directly aligned with Microsoft’s growth mindset culture – a relentless passion to learn and to make a difference in the world. 

I am now working in Microsoft as Data & Analytics Program Manager. I feel right at home at Microsoft and every day I am empowered to tackle big problems, to challenge the status quo and take calculated risks even if there are setbacks along the way. 

The reason for an Executive MBA at Cambridge Judge

Throughout my professional career I noticed that many critical business decisions were made by very bright engineers who lacked a clear strategy to scale a business, or the skillset to lead people successfully. 
In other cases, these decisions were made by business leaders that did not understand the core business of the company – engineering. Therefore, they were unable to identify what or how new technologies could disrupt their business, forcing the company to play catch-up with competitors. For these reasons I decided to pursue an Executive MBA.

I feel that Cambridge Judge Business School is the right fit for me, as it is a globally recognised business school centred in the middle of Europe’s most successful technology centre – Silicon Fen. Combining the programme with my professional experience will give me the knowledge and skillset required to become a global business leader in the future.


Cambridge Executive MBA 2018


Data & Analytics Program Manager, Microsoft


BSc Electronics Systems Engineering, Instituto Tecnologico y de estudios superiores de Monterrey (ITESM); MSc Computer Science, San Diego State University