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Christian Veddeler

Christian Veddeler.
The valuable opportunities to build a network of international business contacts while learning is something I am embracing.

Christian is an architect and Director of the architecture firm UNStudio. He lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What is your professional and educational background?

In 16 years of professional experience, I have built a portfolio of more than 50 award-winning architecture projects internationally. I have specialised in projects with high design quality from conception to realisation, including the Singapore University of Technology and Design, SUTD. I also contribute to various universities as an educator, including, until recently, Harvard University.

Academically, I hold a Master of Science degree in Architecture and a degree of engineering in Architecture with Honours from Delft University of Technology.

What is the most exciting thing about your work?

I am excited to be involved in and contribute to innovation from within the building industry and here to instigate a larger human-centred discourse of cultural, social and economic concerns. My goal is to increase the relevance of architectural thinking in the global challenges we face, and to improve the quality of our man-made environments. For me a global perspective is essential as I see possibilities of exploring new alliances, forms of collaboration and markets; and to face challenges of urbanisation, digitalisation, demographics and environmental concerns.

Why did you decide to pursue an Executive MBA?

In my eyes, good architecture should equal good business. In practice, this is not always the case. To ensure the combination of high-quality architecture and economic development, the architecture practice in my eyes is in need of more profound business understanding. That is why I want to learn how to more efficiently manage and grow an organisation based on well-considered decision-making. I want to learn how to analyse, understand and evaluate economic trends and financial reports. I want to build bridges from architecture to other industries being able to speak the language of international business. From the Executive MBA I expect to gain practical skills in leadership, management, strategy, finance, and entrepreneurship.

What attracted you to Cambridge Judge Business School?

Cambridge Judge Business School was my first choice. As a hub for the exchange of ideas, opinions and knowledge, as well as rigorous learning, I felt my experience in architecture would introduce a different perspective to the already diverse cohort. The valuable opportunities to build a network of international business contacts while learning is something I am embracing.

As I take my 20-month Executive MBA journey, I know the schedule works for my requirements and fits into my professional life.

Cambridge Judge Business School felt right, and still does.


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