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Entrepreneurship & innovation

Cambridge is a thriving centre of business and innovation, a hub of entrepreneurship and fresh thinking. It is a forward-looking commercial environment and one of the world's most dynamic places to be doing business.

The city of Cambridge attracts 25 per cent of UK venture capital and is a fantastic place to put new ideas into practice. It offers many opportunities for Cambridge Judge Business School students.

Cambridge has seen an incredible explosion of technology companies and entrepreneurship since 1960. This 'Cambridge cluster' began with the founding of Cambridge Consultants by two Cambridge graduates, who wanted to 'put the brains of Cambridge University at the disposal of the problems of British industry'.

Cambridge cluster facts and figures

  • 13 billion dollars total revenue has been generated 
  • 57, 000 people are employed in the Cambridge cluster
  • 14 billion dollar companies and two 10 billion dollar companies have come from the Cambridge cluster
  • There are around 1500 high-tech firms in the Cambridge, 10 per cent in life sciences, 10 per cent in physical science and engineering and 22 per cent in IT.

Source: University of Cambridge

Connect and share ideas

As a Cambridge Executive MBA you'll connect with this ecosystem through the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, as well as through consulting projects, seminars, networking sessions and access to events like Enterprise Tuesdays.  You'll also connect with groups such as Accelerate Cambridge, a start-up 'accelerator' established by Cambridge Judge Business School, providing mentors and coaches to ventures at an early stage of growth. Start-ups involved with Accelerate Cambridge pitch their business ideas to the class and receive feedback, and participants can take away ideas for business models which they can apply within their own organisations. 

Outside of the University you can attend events organised by Cambridge Network, an organisation bringing together academia and industry from the high technology cluster. You'll meet business angels and innovative thinkers at these events and can share your own ideas and business dilemmas.

There are a large number of organisations and networks in Cambridge that are of benefit to entrepreneurs:

Science parks, incubators and innovation centres

Local high-tech businesses

International companies

Business networks

Venture capital, business angels and investor networks