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Clinicians and the EMBA

The Cambridge EMBA attracts clinicians who are keen to expand their horizons beyond their medical training, to a broader understanding of how organisations are run, and how to manage these organisations most effectively.

Our webinar features presentations from three participants and alumni, each of them in quite different roles, and with different reasons for wanting to undertake an Executive MBA.

Ian Abbs
What we do as clinicians is based on an understanding of physiology, but I hadn’t had any education on how organisations worked. I wanted to understand the evidence around management practice, technical skills involved in running large organisations, and personal development. A highlight of the programme was the diversity of participants – I think I learned as much from my classmates as I did from faculty members.
Ian Abbs, Medical Director, Guy’s and St Thomas’
Antonio Vidal-Puig
When colleagues heard I was planning to undertake an EMBA they asked if I was fed-up with science. My answer was that it will help me become more successful in my science: having a laboratory with people who are very talented and come from all over the world represents a management challenge – they have their own personalities, cultures and points of view about science and I need to help them work together.
Antonio Vidal-Puig, Professor of Molecular Nutrition and Metobolism, Cambridge Phenomics Centre
Angela Single
I’ve always been interested in healthcare service management, and wanted to think about transferring from a clinical role to a healthcare business role. Having nearly completed my EMBA, I now have all the tools and all the confidence to move into the next stage of my career; I’ve decided to become an entrepreneur, working alongside tech start-ups.
Angela Single, Clinical Strategist
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