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We measure the success of the programme by the outcome of its participants. Our participants all have different requirements of the programme and measure whether these have been achieved by a variety of different outcomes. Some have achieved promotion, some start up their own businesses or charitable ventures, while others feel they have become better managers and leaders.

Whatever the outcome, it can be said of all our alumni that they achieve the goals they set for themselves, and have generated greater wealth or success for themselves and the organisations for which they work.

In the following articles, we showcase some of the projects our participants have been involved in, and which have a life beyond the duration of their time on the EMBA. Some of these projects are the direct outcome of a team consulting project, while others will have come about indirectly, as a result of a venture or project begun during or after completion of the programme.

Innovation & entrepreneurship

Find out more about the link between business and the University of Cambridge (the Cambridge ‘ecosystem’)

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