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Cam Brown

Cam Brown
I learned early in my life the importance of seeking out the very best teachers and to develop a knowledge of place.
Cam Brown

A surgeon and humanitarian

I live on the East Coast of the US and have practiced surgery there for many years. However, I have gained the most experience during my international travels with Healing the Children, a charity that has allowed me to perform surgery in places like Shanghai, China and Honduras. 

Although my family immigrated to the US from Ballymena, Ireland long ago and has a history in banking and insurance, I knew from a young age that I was different. I was the young chess player who wrote poetry and wanted to become a doctor to help people. I learned early in my life the importance of seeking out the very best teachers and to develop a knowledge of place.  

Now, in keeping with my "different drummer" personality and lessons I have learned from my seven children, I continue to work as a strong advocate for women's rights as well as volunteer medical service to the less fortunate. For the past five years I have designed and developed an international medical practice which utilises the process of diagnosis and treatment of diseases from a distance. This programme is being honed as I work towards my Executive MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School. During my time in Cambridge, we are applying our current transatlantic care experience to an outreach program in Sub-Saharan Africa. With knowledge gained in those studies I will complete my cost of illness reduction model which will be proposed to the NHS. 

Original thinking at Cambridge

The School is a member of the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. This juxtaposition has allowed the Executive MBA programme to provide a natural entrepreneurial bridge to success. In the classroom I sit with sixty-three highly experienced minds from twenty six different nations. When we return home, we are all connected by the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) network. The process of learning is advanced as a result of these extremely motivated individuals collaborating around the globe.

As entrepreneurs, we know that risk is inherent. My message to fellow physicians who have spent years in practice paying attention and working hard is a simple one. If you want to make your original thought come true, it is best to do your thinking in Cambridge.


Cambridge Executive MBA 2015


President, SOSi


MD Georgetown University School of Medicine; MS University of Virginia; MS Georgetown University; BS University of Vermont