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Personal and professional development

The PPD course aims to develop participants' effectiveness as leaders by focusing on individual skills, attitudes and capabilities - in dimensions that build on, yet go beyond the expertise, good practice and techniques provided in the rest of the EMBA programme.

To deal with the demands of a senior management or leadership role, it is important to understand what you bring to your role as an individual and what underlying needs and prior assumptions you may have. Most of what we know is entirely taken for granted, and most of what we do is simply habitual. The PPD programme is about becoming more self-aware; more aware of our habitual ways of seeing, thinking and behaving and of the impact of our behaviour on others. With increased awareness comes the opportunity for more skillful practice. The Cambridge Executive MBA seeks to support this opportunity to grow personal awareness and thereby personal effectiveness.

The PPD programme provides a suite of discrete training modules including: 

  • Speech drafting and writing 
  • Business writing 
  • Presenting at senior level 
  • Consultative selling 
  • Networking 
  • Interviewing and recruitment


Further personal development is supported through one-to-one executive coaching.

Senior Manager at SABMiller, Hannah Harrison, describes how the development of soft skills help participants become more effective at work.

Tom Martin (EMBA 2016) explains how the programme influenced his communication approach at work.

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Cambridge has succeeded in creating a programme that offers the most rigorous academic approach in a format that allowed me to work full-time and fly in from Luxembourg to attend weekend sessions.
Maria Dominguez, Asset Manager SES, The Netherlands, EMBA 2010