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Personal and professional development

The Personal and Professional Development course is designed to give participants regular opportunities to expand their self-awareness and develop their business skills by focusing on individual skills, attitudes and capabilities.

This course is about becoming more self-aware; more aware of the habitual ways of seeing, thinking and behaving and the impact of our behaviour on others. It is important that professionals in a senior management or leadership role understand the impact of their behaviour on others, from employees to board members.

The Cambridge Executive MBA supports this opportunity to develop personal awareness and thereby personal effectiveness. The course is delivered as a series of workshops from visiting practitioners, covering:

  • Speech drafting and writing 
  • Business writing 
  • Presenting at senior level 
  • Consultative selling 
  • Networking
  • Media skills
  • Coaching as a leader

Participants will choose to focus on two of these areas that are of most importance to them.

Executive coaching

The School believes that Executive coaching has a positive evidenced effect on organisational success and individual performance. 

The EMBA Executive Coaching programme has been designed to offer participants an opportunity to develop their performance and behaviour, encouraging them to draw out ideas, inspiration and unifying principles in a reflective manner. It can help participants to make the most of their individual performance in a business context, where they are now and where they want to be in the future. All students receive six sessions of individual executive coaching.

Senior Manager at SABMiller, Hannah Harrison, describes how the development of soft skills help participants become more effective at work.

Tom Martin (EMBA 2016) explains how the programme influenced his communication approach at work.

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The programme helped me to rethink the concept of career progression. I’ve been encouraged to think not what job I want in ten years’ time, but what life I want instead
Tom Ellum, EMBA 2016, Social Business Leader and Co-lead of Cambridge Alternative Finance Collaboration Network