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Life as a Master of Finance student in Cambridge

Life at Cambridge.

Studying your Master of Finance degree at Cambridge Judge Business School, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful, exciting and dynamic city.

The 31 Cambridge Colleges are an important part of the rich history and traditions of Cambridge, and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Cambridge in brief

  • Near London
    Under an hour by train with direct links to King’s Cross and Liverpool Street stations.
  • Close to international airports
    Thirty minutes from London Stansted and 90 minutes from London Heathrow.
  • Populations
    Total population c.123,900; student population: c.29,000.
  • A heritage in finance
    The University of Cambridge has a strong heritage in finance and its parent disciplines.
  • Financial networks
    With investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and consultancies. Cambridge provides many networking opportunities.
  • Thriving Cambridge nightlife
    Many restaurants, music venues, cinemas, galleries, and museums. There are many exciting bars and nightclubs in Cambridge.
  • Many sporting activities
    On offer are activities such as rowing and other team sports, swimming, private gyms and golf courses, as well as punting along the river Cam.

College life

As a Cambridge Master of Finance (MFin) student, you will automatically become a member of one of the Colleges. Many (but not all) Master of Finance students live in College, and you will usually spend some time eating and socialising there.

Most Colleges have their own library, chapel, dining hall and bar, and there is always a great range of sporting and cultural clubs and societies for you to enjoy.

Clubs and societies, social events, and sports teams are at the very heart of the college experience. In addition, many Colleges have their own excellent sports grounds and facilities, which as a member, you are entitled to use.

Each College has its own internal governance and procedures. They select their own students, subject to University regulations, and most admit both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

One of the main benefits of the College system is that within each College, staff and students of all disciplines are brought together thereby broadening your network.

Learn more about choosing a College

View College key facts and figures

It is the responsibility of the MFin Admissions team to apply and secure a College place for you once you have accepted an offer to join the programme. You need not take action on this yourself.

Help us put you forward for the most appropriate College by letting us know (when you accept your offer) if you:

  • have any special needs (such as a disability)
  • are intending to bring your family with you
  • have an affiliation with or strong preference for a particular College.

We advise early application as Colleges are autonomous institutions and can take some time to reach a decision on whether or not to offer you membership, and many Colleges fill up available places very early in the year.

We are only able to submit your papers to one College at a time, so it can, in some circumstances, be several weeks before you hear which College has offered you membership.

Please note: The University does ensure that every student made an offer to join the Cambridge MFin will receive membership of a College. However, applicants who receive their offer after March will find the choice of Colleges are more limited.

Many of the older Colleges are oversubscribed and have limited spaces. They will normally fill up their places before the end of March.

Please do not contact the Colleges unless you have an enquiry about facilities that is not covered on their website. College applications must go through the MFin Admissions Office at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Accommodation options

  • The majority of single MFin students are housed in College accommodation.
  • Different facilities in different Colleges (e.g. some may offer more modern facilities including en-suite bathrooms whilst others may not).
  • College accommodation is not always within the College site, and many students are housed in College owned houses in residential streets around Cambridge.
  • Demand for college accommodation can often outstrip supply, particularly for students who will be bringing their partners or families.
  • Students who apply late in the admissions cycle may also find that College accommodation is no longer available.

If the Colleges are unable to provide accommodation, or if you would prefer to rent your own flat or house, the University Accommodation Service can assist with the search for suitable private accommodation.

All MFin students are College members, regardless of their accommodation, and as such are entitled to all associated privileges.

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College life

View of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge.

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King’s Parade

View of King’s Parade, Cambridge.

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The Backs

View of the Backs, Cambridge.

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The MFin at Cambridge Judge Business School is ‘an experience of a lifetime’. It is an opportunity to be network with some brilliant minds of the financial industry from all across the world, in the form of your class mates, alumni network, industry experts as part of city speaker series, and the faculty. The College system at Cambridge allows you to meet people from different walks of life and become mesmerised with the work that is being done in other subject areas. One assumes that it is a place where ‘dreams comes true’ but I think it is also a place where you ‘dream bigger and better’
Umesh Kumar (MFin 2019)