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Summer activity

In the summer, you must undertake one of the following activities:

  • An Individual Project.
  • Bespoke project opportunities with our corporate partners may be available
  • A choice of a number of electives courses.
  • An internship or work placement. Students source their own internships based on their areas of interest.
  • A summer programme at Tsinghua University, PBC School of Finance, China

Students are also required to complete a 1,500 word end of year report, reflecting on their MFin experience and learning outcomes.

The MFin is a unique learning experience: It not only has top class lecturers and practitioners from the finance world, but it also reaches beyond classrooms and classmates, offering endless opportunities to its students. Being part of one of the most prestigious universities of the world, the Cambridge MFin helps you expand your professional ambitions whilst enriching your personal life in ways that other places cannot offer.
Andres Arboleda, MFin 2013

Why the Cambridge MFin?

The Cambridge MFin focuses on the theory and practice of finance, drawing upon the University of Cambridge's long heritage of excellence in teaching and research. We are one of only a few Master of Finance programmes in which 100% of the class has existing work experience in finance.

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