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The Cambridge MBA has a record of recruiting strong candidates from military backgrounds and training them in the broad range of business skills required to make a transition into successful business careers. Graduates from military backgrounds have gone on to work in companies such as Amazon, Google, Booz Allen Hamilton and leading investment banks. 

The Cambridge MBA gives high return on investment for military candidates.

Experiential learning

The strong focus on practical project work in our MBA programme allows candidates to gain first-hand experience of many roles and sectors during the 12 month programme - a valuable opportunity for those seeking a career switch.  

Global exposure

Live practical projects also bring MBAs into contact with our global network of business and non-profit supporters around the world - useful for sourcing new career opportunities.


The chance to tailor your MBA learning through our 'concentrations' allows candidates to hone skills and contacts in particular sectors.


Our class size allows for greater collaboration with classmates and also a more personalised teaching and careers support experience.

Lifelong network

As a Cambridge MBA graduate, you will also join the esteemed network of University of Cambridge alumni around the world.

Ex-Military MBA alumni profiles

Find out more about past students and their journey through the Cambridge MBA:

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Employment report

Employment report

Our 2016 employment report captures data from the Cambridge MBA class of 2014/15 - our most recently graduated class.

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