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Ryan Piotrowski

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Ryan Piotrowski, Cambridge MBA alumnus
Cambridge Judge Business School offered me the widest opportunity to meet and understand other international professionals.

Military background and reasons for choosing the Cambridge MBA

Following four years of leadership development at the United States Military Academy and seven years' experience as an infantry officer and Airborne Ranger, I decided to explore other options for contributing to society as a leader. Due to the influence business has on society, politics and the environment, I chose to attend an MBA programme to understand the bigger picture while making a more informed decision towards a new career. 

I chose the Cambridge MBA for its international experience and class diversity that surpasses US MBA programme offerings and for its exposure to members from a range of departments in addition to business in terms of European MBA programmes. Cambridge Judge Business School offered me the widest opportunity to meet and understand other international professionals.

The Cambridge MBA has allowed me to merge a strong cross functional leadership and management background with business knowledge to make better decisions while leading future teams and projects.

How the Cambridge MBA complements military experience

The MBA complemented my military experience by allowing me to observe, share and refine leadership skills with peers from across industry. Beyond classroom and guest speaker dialogue, we had many opportunities to apply leadership skills while working in new teams on projects. Working with different team members was similar to working with diverse stakeholders in the military. Collaboration, vision creation, and optimal leverage of team member talents are a few examples of activities repeated and exercised throughout the programme.

Most valued aspects of the programme

The Cambridge MBA is a fast paced, one year experience that still allows room for debate, discussion and important experimentation that encourages broader and effective learning. I appreciated how I was able to come away with more confidence than ever despite a dismal job market in areas such as marketing and entrepreneurship that I had limited experience in. Additionally, the guest speakers, workshops, and other events and activities provided unlimited real world examples and the opportunity to take case-based classroom discussions directly to their source.

Our MBA class was an intelligent, entertaining and fun loving group that enjoyed many activities together outside the classroom. It was very pleasing to feel genuine interest towards each other.

The Cambridge MBA and career progression

The Cambridge MBA has highlighted the potential for me to move in many directions. Despite coming into the programme with the hope to narrow down my job search options while changing careers, it has actually expanded my interests and possible choices. Therefore, I am satisfied that I feel equipped to succeed in a range of career fields.

Recommendation to other military personnel

Stay true to your values and explore areas that you're passionate about. The same skills used to succeed in the military can be applied to most endeavours and are sought after in the business community.


Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton


The Cambridge MBA has a record of recruiting strong candidates from military backgrounds and training them in the broad range of business skills required to make a transition into successful commercial careers.

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