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female MBA student

Cambridge Judge Business School aims to develop the next generation of women leaders and expand the pool of women with the requisite leadership skills. We do this through our educational programmes, such as the Cambridge MBA, but also by conducting cutting edge research to generate insights on creating the cultures, institutions and organisations that will enable more women to become successful leaders. 

The Cambridge MBA is a world-renowned programme, with an active and engaged female community at Cambridge Judge.

Cambridge MBA women can:

  • gain the business education required to excel in a wide range of careers
  • join a thriving and ambitious network of alumni at CJBS
  • be part of the Women in Business Student Group - work with peers to drive the gender balance agenda in business
  • become involved in the Wo+Men's Leadership Centre, supporting their research, conferences and outreach activities
  • develop personally in an educational setting which supports diversity, equality and inclusivity.

The Cambridge MBA offer

  • A one-year programme, offering in-depth learning and personalised career development services
  • A learning style which is collaborative, developing team skills in a global setting.
  • Undertaken by experienced professionals in a class size of c.200, an optimal number to enhance peer-to-peer learning.
  • A programme focused on experiential learning, with two live client projects.
  • Proven to enable global and cross-sector career mobility for graduates.

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Meet students and alumni of the Cambridge MBA

The Forté Foundation Fellows Scholarship

£25,000 is awarded to three outstanding female students per year, in partnership with the Forté Foundation.

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CJBS women

Read alumni profiles

Each Cambridge MBA class is diverse in nationality, sector background, and future ambition: which makes for fascinating alumni!  Read alumni profiles to see who comes to Cambridge, and what they do afterwards.

Wo+Men's Leadership Centre

The Wo+Men's Leadership Centre (WLC) at Cambridge Judge Business School has been established to work closely with organisations, policymakers and individuals to help women realise their potential and become successful leaders. 

Find out more about the WLC

Life as a Cambridge MBA

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