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Fabien Casteloa

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I see the MBA taking me to roles in which I will help companies and investors design and implement tailored solutions to their most challenging business problems.

What led you to take the Cambridge MBA?

I have global ambitions and was looking for an internationally recognised education. The curriculum structure with its unique concentrations and focus on experiential learning also appealed to my personal learning preferences. I was also very attracted to the public university and college system. In this environment, there is a kind of diversity that goes beyond borders, backgrounds, and current learning interests. The faculty members I met during the interview day at Cambridge showed a genuine interest in helping me reach my goals. My work experience had taught me how far a cheerful and motivated team of experts can bring projects. Henceforth, my mind was completely set on the Cambridge MBA.

Describe the biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

In 2012 I was responsible for site completion and warranty activities on a power plant in the Netherlands. A technical incident forced the utility owner to declare the powerhouse unavailable. Although unfortunate, this event was an opportunity to learn and display crisis management skills. The critical aspect of the situation made this experience very different from my regular project assignments. Indeed, activities like customer relationships, brief and dispatch of new teams, work planning and coordination, outsourcing, validation and implementation of mitigation actions, and budget tracking are definitely not the same during a crisis. After six months, the power station was back online. The lessons learned have been extremely valuable. The rest of my work experience would not have been the same without this accomplishment.

How do you feel about being awarded your scholarship?

It is extremely motivating to be offered a seat on the programme and be awarded this scholarship. Formal and informal education along with mentors’ trust have played key roles in my life, allowing me to greatly benefit from social mobility. Therefore, receiving this kind of encouragement from the University of Cambridge means a lot to me. I am very thankful for the financial support and look forward to paying the institution back for the gesture.

What do you want to get out of the MBA most of all in the next year?

I expect to leave the MBA with excellent hard and soft business skills, both of which I consider essential for sound business decision making. I also want to get feedback, insights, and ideas on some learning tools I want to develop further. I could not dream of a better place than Cambridge to do so, this is a wonderful opportunity.

Where do you see your MBA journey taking you in your future career?

I see the MBA taking me to roles in which I will help companies and investors design and implement tailored solutions to their most challenging business problems. Moreover, I cannot imagine my future career in a place that is not deeply committed to supporting lifelong learning.

Something that not many people know about you

I was born and raised in a very famous wine region. So far, and despite my best efforts, I haven’t acquired a taste for wine.

Scholarship awarded

European Bursary




Master of Engineering, Ecole Centrale de Nantes;

Master of Science, ENSA, Nantes

Pre-MBA career

Site Operation Manager, GE Power and Water