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Rahul Agarwal

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With the collaborative atmosphere here in Cambridge I am confident that there are no limits to what we can achieve together.

What led you to take the Cambridge MBA?

The Cambridge MBA provides a unique opportunity to explore various cultures, problem-solving methodologies and opportunities across the world by bringing together talented professionals from 51 nationalities working across 38 industries. Working with these individuals in highly diverse study groups has already started to widen my perspective on a range of business issues.  

The focus on experiential learning at Cambridge truly sets it apart. From Cambridge Venture Project to Global Consulting Project, students are encouraged to apply their learnings immediately to solve real world challenges. The wide range of electives offered at Cambridge Judge Business school helps to get a comprehensive overview of different aspects of business. The entrepreneurship environment at the School excites me to pilot a startup idea while going through stages like building a management team, assigning roles and responsibilities, and exploring funding mechanisms.  

The School supports collaboration over competition, learning over grades, and adventure over conservatism. My inquisitive personality compliments the culture and I am confident that I will thrive in such an environment. The focus on leadership fits my aim and the pride associated with studying at Cambridge excites me to pursue an MBA at this prestigious institute.  

Describe the biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

After working in the USA for five years, coming back to India and building a successful last mile logistics business is my biggest accomplishment so far. It was one of the biggest tests that I have faced as I had to overcome the fear of failure and gather courage to choose an uncertain path while moving halfway across the world. The entrepreneurship experience has made a huge impact on my learning journey. Making business plans, approaching potential clients, and recruiting the right professionals to set up the operations brought out my leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. I not only gained professional skills like client negotiations, business revenue analysis, operational profitability but also learned valuable lessons about life, perseverance and circumstances.  

How do you feel about being awarded your scholarship?

Having known my colleagues in the MBA programme with amazing experiences in entrepreneurship, I was truly humbled when I was awarded the Entrepreneurship Scholarship. It was an emotional experience as I felt I was being rewarded for the persistence and hardships in my startup journey. The recognition has boosted my confidence and it encourages me to make a mark in the startup sector with my fellow classmates. 

What do you want to get out of the MBA most of all in the next year?

I would like to get a comprehensive understanding of various industry sectors as I may not get another opportunity to be in the presence of exceptional individuals from such plethora of backgrounds together. My peers would be my biggest source of learning in the upcoming academic year. Learning from their experience will not only help me make informed career decisions in the immediate aftermath of MBA but also keep me mindful of potential collaboration with other industries.        

Where do you see your MBA journey taking you in your future career?

I expect my MBA journey to help me shape my next venture and provide me with a better understanding of the startup world. In my brief stay in Cambridge so far, I have already met likeminded individuals with similar ambitions. With the collaborative atmosphere here in Cambridge I am confident that there are no limits to what we can achieve together. 

Something that not many people know about you

I worked as a Teaching Assistant at University of Illinois for two years and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am passionate about teaching and would love to explore this sector further, if my passion for teaching and entrepreneurship can be combined to make the world a better place.

Scholarship awarded

Entrepreneurship Scholarship 




Bachelor of Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilani;

Master of Science, University of Illinois

Pre-MBA career

Founder & CEO, Teevr Logistics