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Suseem Jain

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I wanted to enrol in a top ranked one year MBA program. After spending a considerable amount of time researching and evaluating my options I found the perfect personal fit in the Cambridge MBA.
Suseem Jain

What led you to take the Cambridge MBA?

I wanted to enroll in a top ranked one year MBA programme. After spending a considerable amount of time researching and evaluating my options I found the perfect personal fit in the Cambridge MBA. I wanted to be close to a major centre of commerce, and London is a convenient 50-minute train ride from Cambridge. I was also drawn to the relatively small class size and the collegiate system of the University of Cambridge, which is quite a unique setting for an MBA programme. Lastly, as a venture capitalist I was excited by the city's start-up ecosystem.

Describe the biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

I moved from India to South Africa in 2016 to begin working with a venture capital fund called Edge Growth. It was there that I believe I earned my most significant accomplishment. Even though I was the youngest member on the Edge Growth team without any prior experience in venture capital or the South African markets, I was able to carve out a niche for myself as a capable investor in a very short span of time. I was recognised for my judgement as well as my analytical and research capabilities.

As a result, I was given the opportunity to contribute to important strategic projects for the company – their successful application to the Capria accelerator programme (a US-based accelerator for impact fund managers) which has provided a significant fillip and a global forum to the Edge Growth brand; and the fundraising efforts for a new impact fund which will increase Edge’s AUM by one and a half times. I was also promoted twice within one year of my employment with the firm.

How do you feel about being awarded your scholarship?

I feel blessed and very privileged to have received the award from the Boustany Foundation. The MBA is a massive investment, so scholarships and bursaries go a long way towards relieving the financial burden. As a part of the scholarship I also get to spend the summer doing an internship with the Boustany Foundation in Monaco, which I am really excited about. 

What do you want to get out of the MBA most of all in the next year?

Life-long friendships with not only my cohort members in the MBA programme, who bring incredibly diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives from all over the world; but also people studying a wide range of disciplines at the University – physics, psychology, engineering, life sciences and so on.

Where do you see your MBA journey taking you in your future career?

I have no doubt that the MBA journey will help me become more rounded as a person and as a professional. I can also see it setting me up for a career of a global nature, with a global network of smart, talented and helpful people to fall back on.

Something that not many people know about you

I like to dabble in the abstract expressionist art form of throwing and drip painting, Jackson Pollock style.

Scholarship awarded

Boustany Foundation Scholarship




Bachelor of Finance and Investment Analysis, University of Delhi

Pre-MBA career

Senior Investment Associate, Edge Growth