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TMP Graduate Consortium 2010

27-29 June 2010, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

The 2010 Technology Management Policy Graduate Consortium (TMP) took place in Cambridge, England, at the University of Cambridge, 27-29 June 2010. Graduate students and faculty from nine different programmes in five countries participated in the two day meeting. In addition to social events, there were talks from Professor David Cope, director of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) and David Howarth, former Member of Parliament for Cambridge.


Seth Baum Space-time discounting for climate change policy
Rodrigo Belo Broadband in schools: good or bad for students' performance?
Nicolas Choquette-Levy Should Alberta's oil sands bitumen be upgraded?
Paras Choudhary Variance minimising site selection process for interconnected wind farms
David W. Coleman The US public sector and its adoption of service oriented information technology
Indira Deonandan Cost and risk model development for testing unmanned and autonomous systems of systems
Ganesh Doluweera Assessing the role of cogeneration for carbon management of oil sands operations in Alberta
Eric Hittinger Compensating for wind variability using co-located natural gas generation and energy storage
Shantanu Jathar Sources and fate of global organic aerosol
Joseph R. Kasprzyk Managing population and drought risks using many-objective water portfolio planning under uncertainty
Kelly Klima Does tropical cyclone modification make sense? A decision-analytic assessment
Jim Krane The economic, political and strategic rationale for the UAE's nuclear and renewable energy ventures
Ruth Krestin More money, more science?
Alex Loijos Life cycle assessment of pavements
Brandon Mauch Can wind power with storage survive in the day-ahead market?
Kimberley Mullins Modelling uncertain life-cycle GHG emissions from biofuel production
Paul Murphy Natural gas as a vehicle transportation fuel: illustrative analysis on light-duty CNG vehicles
Julio A. Pertuze Industry-university research collaborations
Kyle Siler-Evans Small-scale cogeneration: benefits and barriers
Florent Silve The economics and regulation of natural gas storage: ensuring security of gas supply across Europe
Peter Versteeg A technical and economic outlook of ammonia-based post-combustion CO2 capture
Joyce Zwartkruis Collaboration in finding the golden egg

The TMP sessions on Days 1 and 2 took place at Selwyn College, Grange Road, Cambridge.