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Student profiles

In recognition of the fact that social innovation occurs across all sectors, our Master of Studies is aimed at middle and senior level leaders in NGOs, public bodies, the private sector and entrepreneurs. We are delighted to have recruited a very diverse cohort of students for the 2016-2018 programme.

In this section we feature students from our first Masters cohort and why they have decided to join our programme:

Dr Nick Milner
Social innovations like Wikipedia and Grameen Bank have shown that socially-focussed business models can be both hugely beneficial and commercially sustainable. The programme at Cambridge will enable me to explore the theories behind social innovation, study in an inspiring environment and stimulate new ideas to take back into my consulting work.
Dr Nick Milner, Managing Director at Milner Strategic Marketing (Ipswich)
Haiming Yuan
As a media person with business practice, I am fascinated by the revolutionary idea of tackling social problems and challenges through business solutions, which requires a more creative and experimental mindset than does the conventional business. I also sense the necessity of using media power to spread the messages of social innovation to the mass audience. My motivation to join the MSt in Social Innovation is to gain a systematic understanding of how new ideas can create social values, and to be a doer rather than a spectator through participating in the process of social transformation to make the world a better place for us all.
Haiming Yuan, Project Manager at Phoenix Chinese Television European Channel (London)
Lisa Mallory
I was drawn to the MSt in Social Innovation because of its interdisciplinary nature and international character. Having taught in state and private schools in Canada, Cambodia and Kenya, I have seen students in both developed and developing countries have their access to quality education limited based on their socioeconomic status, physical and cognitive abilities, ethnic background, and gender. Because these barriers are not unique to the educational context, I wanted the opportunity to learn and collaborate with leaders from multiple sectors in order to fully explore and create frameworks for inclusive education. I look forward to developing my teaching practice throughout my studies, while also ensuring that my research reflects the realities I see in the field.
Lisa Mallory, Teacher at Calgary French & International School (Canada)
Chelsea Waite
The mission of the non-profit organisation I work for is to 'spur innovation in education', which is not something that's accomplished with a single good idea. I decided to join the MSt programme to deepen my understanding of systemic innovation, and investigate how to create the conditions so that social change can be driven from all levels in an organisation, company, or community.
Chelsea Waite, Senior Programme Manager at Digital Promise Global (California)
Hassan Khan
I wanted to join this programme to explore and highlight how social, economic and personal development can be brought to and positively influence the communities around us. I want to be able to make a difference through my current work, and specifically study and research ways to improve society's capacity to solve problems and improve people's lives.
Hassan Khan, Founder & Director of Consilium (London)
Alvin Li
Having studied Medicine, Finance and Management, the MSt in Social Innovation programme perfectly complements my mission to change the world and my career as a tech social entrepreneur. As the co-founder and CEO of an internet startup for charities, I will be able to meet and collaborate with other like-minded social impact leaders from around the world, and use our synergies to solve the greatest social problems of tomorrow. There is no better place than Cambridge Judge Business School. I am excited to, once again, be part of the Cambridge community.
Alvin Li, Co-Founder & CEO of The Social Factory (Hong Kong)
Caitlyn Merry
I have always been interested in how the world can be bettered to improve the standard of life for everyone. As a leader in education, and specifically in technology education, I am eager to advocate change on a larger scale and answer questions such as 'How can the digitalisation of society be harnessed to pursue goals of social mobility?' The MSt in Social Innovation is a progressive programme that will help expose me to new perspectives and collaborations that will help us develop an understanding of how all sectors can work together to make sure education better serves society's needs.
Caitlyn Merry, Teacher and Head of IT at St Mary Magdalene Academy (London)
Charlie Amesbury
The MSt in Social Innovation is a top class programme with the flexibility to fit in around my professional career. It has some exciting modules that will allow me to enhance my social awareness whilst building in leadership and innovation principles.
Charlie Amesbury, Rugby Professional, Bristol Rugby
Alexander Muir
A Masters in Social Innovation appealed to me because I felt that this programme will equip me with theoretical and practical skills that I could readily use in the hospitality industry. In addition, I expect that the exploration of key social innovation topics through strategic group work and individual projects led by the key actors in the field will help me to implement meaningful and industry leading initiatives into my own workplace while making a positive impact.
Alexander Muir, Assistant Manager at Mirror Room, Rosewood London