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Programme delivery

The delivery model for the Master of Studies is a blend of online materials/participation and residential.

Each module (1-4) will consist of two months' online delivery, a week residential, assessment and post assessment tutorial.


The online phase consists of eight weeks with four two-week unit blocks of content, student participation and self-assessment exercises. The purpose of the online delivery is to ground you in the themes and literature and to prepare you to engage in informed discussion at the residential.


The residential week provides an opportunity to consolidate and extend the online learning through lectures, workshops, student projects, guest speakers and networking events.

You work on a group project (unassessed) during each residential week, apart from module 3, where you work on your own project.


The assessment will be submitted one month after the completion of the residential.


Each student receives a tutorial (in person or Skype etc.) on release of the assessment marks.

Indicative timeline

First year

  Michaelmas Term (module 1) Lent Term (module 2) Easter Term (module 3)
Online delivery Oct-Nov Feb-Mar May-Jun
Residential Dec Mar Jun
Assessment deadline Jan Apr Jul

Second year

  Michaelmas Term (module 4) Easter Term (dissertation)
Online delivery Aug-Sep  
Residential Sep  
Assignment deadline Nov  
Dissertation deadline   Apr-May