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Applying to the PhD

Watch our PhD Director's advice for applicants

Admission via a standard research MPhil

One route to gain admission to Cambridge Judge Business School's PhD programme is via one of the School's research MPhil programmes. You will need to take a particular MPhil and specific modules within the programme in order to be eligible to continue to the PhD programme on your desired pathway.

Find out more about the standard MPhil routes to the PhD

Note that funding deadlines are earlier (9 October 2019 and 3 December 2019).

To progress to the PhD programme after your MPhil year you must:

  • submit an application for the PhD programme, which includes a research proposal, paper or literature review that will be assessed for quality and strong references
  • perform well in the first term of MPhil modules
  • perform well at an interview with a panel of faculty members
  • demonstrate a fit between the proposed research and the research expertise in the subject group (resulting in the interview panel recommending supervisors)
  • be ranked sufficiently highly by the panel in order to receive an offer (admissions offers are usually conditional on overall performance in the MPhil or parts thereof, and the usual conditions are an overall mark of 70 per cent and 70 per cent in any dissertation)

We automatically shortlist all PhD applicants from the above three research MPhil programmes for interview.

Admission via the Master of Research

The School's Master of Research (MRes) programme offers another route to the PhD for all pathways except Finance.

Find out more about the MRes route to the PhD

Students who obtain 70 per cent overall (modules and dissertation combined) and at least 70 per cent in the dissertation component in the School's Master of Research programme will progress automatically to the PhD programme - no further application is necessary.

MRes application deadlines

3 December 2019 Apply to the Master of Research programme

Admission directly to the PhD

All applicants must apply for one of the three research MPhils or the MRes in the first instance, or in exceptional cases a Cambridge MPhil in Economics.

In very rare cases, outstanding MRes applicants who have exceptional prior research experience (as evidenced by journal publications in reputable management journals) and substantial relevant research methodology training may be considered for entry to the PhD programme directly (without taking the MRes year in the first instance). In this case their MRes application would be transferred to the PhD.

Funding deadlines

9 October 2019
Deadline for USA students who wish to be considered for Gates funding.

3 December 2019
Deadline for MPhil and MRes applicants eligible to be considered for Cambridge Trust funding.

7 January 2020
Deadline for PhD applicants eligible to be considered for Cambridge Trust funding.

Financial support

All PhD and MRes (Master of Research) students, as well as a number of MPhil research students, are fully funded through scholarships covering fees and maintenance.

Funding your PhD