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Antoine Feylessoufi

Antoine Feylessoufi

PhD Candidate

MPhil (University of Cambridge)

Research topic

Antoine is a PhD researcher in Management Science & Operations at Cambridge Judge Business School, working on topics around complex contagion of behaviour and adoption of new technologies and practices. His research uses mathematical models (population dynamical models and evolutionary game theory) to study the dynamics of such adoption while taking into account informal characteristics of systems, including social comparison and culture, as well as formal characteristics such as monetary incentives and network structure of organisations/communities.

Research interests

Population dynamics; contagion; evolutionary game theory, managing incentives; innovation behaviour, mathematical-based social science.

Antoine Feylessoufi is a member of the Operations & Technology Management subject group.

Publications & papers

Invited conference presentations

Feylessoufi, A. (2017) “Risk taking in organisations: an evolutionary approach.” In: INFORMS, Managing Incentives in Collaborative New Product Development Session, 22-25 October 2017, Houston, TX, USA.

Feylessoufi, A. (2018) “Technology and innovation adoption in organisations: an evolutionary model.” In: POMS, Incentives in New Product Development Session, 4-7 May 2018, Houston, TX, USA.

Feylessoufi, A. (2018) “Technology adoption in organisations: an evolutionary model.” In: INFORMS, General Session, 4-7 November 2018, Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Feylessoufi, A. (2019) “Incentive metrics for team projects in the presence of task interdependence and uncertainty.” In: POMS, Collaborative R&D Session, 2-6 May 2019, Washington DC, USA.

Contact details

Antoine Feylessoufi
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG

Year of entry