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Isaac Holeman

Isaac Holeman

PhD Candidate

Research topic

Coordination, Sensemaking & Human-Centred Design: Case Studies in Digital Innovation & Global Health Care Delivery


Visit Isaac's website for more information about his work and publications.

Research interests

Isaac conducts interdisciplinary research at the intersection of digital innovation and global health equity. His dissertation portfolio concerns how people in challenging work settings go about designing for emergent coordination, sensemaking in the face of perpetual ambiguity, and practicing human-centred design. Two current projects build on his own extensive fieldwork during the design and implementation of an 'Internet of Things' project aiming to strengthen the immunisation program in Kenya. A third project draws on fieldwork conducted by his supervisor Mark de Rond during a Guinness Book of Records-setting voyage along the Amazon river.

As an ethnographer and a co-founder of the non-profit tech company Medic Mobile, Isaac's approach builds on the work of physician-ethnographers such as Paul Farmer and technology designer-ethnographers such as Lucy Suchman and Liam Bannon. While they work in different fields, their efforts are alike in casting an empirical lantern on the frustration, marginalisation or affliction that people suffer for lack of satisfactory healthcare or technology initiatives; articulating conceptual understandings of these experiences that are unflinching and exhibit moral imagination; artfully practicing a craft through which they address inequity in the here and now; and, integrating their perspectives as practitioners and scholars in a manner that synergistically strengthens both endeavours. He is particularly intersted in theories of practice in the study of coordination, sensemaking, digital innovation and global health equity. 

Isaac Holeman is a member of the Organisational Theory & Information Systems subject group.

Contact details

Isaac Holeman
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG

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