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Marlen de la Chaux

Marlen de la Chaux

PhD Candidate

Research topic

Entrepreneurship in Adverse Environments: An Institutional Perspective on Refugee Camp Entrepreneurs and Kenyan Tech Start-ups

Real-world impact

Marlen writes for The Huffington Post and The Conversation, and her research has been featured by the World Economic Forum, Business Weekly, and Business Insider. She has also developed research reports for the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the German Development Agency (GIZ). Before academia, Marlen worked for the UN Refugee Agency and consulted for the GIZ in Burkina Faso.

Awards & scholarships

  • Regional Finalist, Hult Social Innovation Prize, 2016

Research interests

Marlen de la Chaux is a member of the Organisational Theory & Information Systems subject group.

Publications & papers

de la Chaux, M. (2014) "Entrepreneurship and innovation: how institutional voids shape economic opportunities in refugee camps." In: Humanitarian Innovation Conference, 19-20 July 2014, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

de la Chaux, M. and Haugh, H. (2015) "Institutional voids and economic opportunity in refugee camps." In: Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Social Issues in Management Division), 7-12 August 2015, Vancouver, Canada.

de la Chaux, M. and Haugh, H. (2015) "How organizations shape emerging fields: innovation hubs and technology entrepreneurship in Nairobi." In: European Group of Organizational Studies Annual Colloquium,  2-4 July 2015, Athens, Greece.

de la Chaux, M. (2015) "Rethinking refugee camps: turning boredom into innovation." The Conversation, 24 September 2015

Contact details

Marlen de la Chaux
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG


Year of entry



Dr Helen Haugh (first supervisor)
Professor Paul Tracey (second supervisor)