Cambridge Judge against COVID-19

Has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your business in a big way?

Are you fighting against the difficult economic conditions?

If so, Cambridge MBA students are here to fight with you, and help your organisation tackle immediate crisis management issues alongside longer term, strategic decisions about your future.

MBA students offer free consulting services

Following the more than 25 pro-bono consulting projects completed as part of the Cambridge Judge Against COVID-19 initiative in the first lockdown in 2020, piloted by MBA 2019 students Srishti Warman and Matt Lisonbee, current Cambridge MBA students are looking forward to continuing this initiative to help businesses in need cope with the current economic restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does your company need help with crisis comms?

Do you need help to research new opportunities?

Do you need analysis to support strategic decisions?

Cambridge MBA students offer to apply their professional experience, MBA learning and networks to undertake short-term, pro-bono consulting projects for UK businesses, to help withstand the current period and plan for the future.

This project offers:

  • Consulting projects to be completed in February 2021, over a period of around three weeks
  • Total working hours of around 15 hours per week
  • A small team (three to four people) of Cambridge MBA students, with professional experience relevant to your needs, to consult for your business on a theme of your choice
  • Project theme to be set by you: possibilities are to deliver short term goals (such as adapting your social media presence) to contributing to longer term strategic decisions (such as developing new business models for online delivery of your service/product)
  • No fee to your organisation
  • Project interactions will be via online meetings

Read more about the consulting projects completed as part of the Cambridge Judge Against COVID-19 initiative in the first lockdown in 2020>

Register your interest

The registration for interest is currently closed at the present time. If you would like to get in touch with the team to discuss any future call out for projects, please email us [email protected].

Please note this consulting project is a student-led initiative and is not a formal part of the MBA qualification, and will not be supported by CJBS academic faculty, nor assessed by CJBS. Please see more information about assessed student projects, should your company wish to be engaged via that route.

The world is changing- as future leaders we want to be at the forefront of those changes, making businesses more resilient and helping them reinvent

Ashish Khanna, MBA 2020, Student Project Co-Lead

As the ongoing pandemic and perennial lockdowns put pressure on the small business community, we need to band together to find ways to navigate this economic crisis.

Melanie O’Sullivan, MBA 2020, Student Project Co-Lead

Everyone has a role to play in beating the pandemic: we want to do our part to help businesses in need.

Hendrik Westerink, MBA 2020, Student Project Co-Lead

Who are Cambridge MBAs?

Educational backgrounds

  • Business/accounting/finance: 28%
  • Engineering: 28%
  • Social/political sciences/languages: 24%
  • STEM: 14%
  • Arts: 6%

Professional sector backgrounds

  • Industry: 51%
  • Finance: 22%
  • Consulting: 18%
  • Other: 9%

Initiative founders

Srishti Warman

We feel the plight of businesses and are keen to contribute using the skills and experience we have.

Srishti Warman, Student Project Co-Lead, Senior Business Analyst, Barclays, India
Matthew Lisbonbee

We’re ready to work with you to shape your needs – let’s fight together.

Matthew Lisbonbee, Student Project Co-Lead, Director of Global Marketing & Sales Initiatives, 4Life Research, USA