MPhil in Management Consulting Project partners

We have successfully worked in partnership with many local, national and international organisations, including Jaguar Land Rover, Royal Dutch Shell and Lloyds Banking Group.

What our MPhil in Management Project partners have had to say about us

Working with the students has added significant value to the way we operate as one of the UK’s largest Digital Banks. Not only was their research insightful, it was accompanied by an action plan to benefit from these opportunities. This fresh perspective is what was needed to challenge what we say we’re doing, versus what we’re actually doing.

Holly Smith, Group Digital Analytics Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

I was delighted with the quality and calibre of the students on my project, they displayed a strong sense of professionalism and diligence to the task in hand, they were dedicated to the work and the end result proved to be an insightful, thoughtful review which has provided plenty for me to consider back at the office. It was a real pleasure to work with them.

Paula Rowntree, Head of Branch Formats & Design, Lloyds Banking Group

The MPhil in Management consultancy project has been deeply rewarding both at an individual and corporate level. Jaguar Land Rover had the privilege of benefitting from the work of four outstanding students who brought intellectual ability, enthusiasm and excellent interpersonal skills to bear on a complex, real-world project. Our four students assumed productive team roles from the outset and showed great understanding of the commercially sensitive environment in which they were operating, as well as our business. All four are of future employee calibre. Jaguar Land Rover look forward to continuing to work closely with Cambridge Judge Business School.

Jacob Alexander Graham, Corporate & Strategy Finance, Jaguar Land Rover

It has been a great experience working with the students on a particularly complex project that required a multifaceted approach. Their strong drive and curiosity made them excellent business partners delivering impressive quality of work and insights. Credits to all individuals and Cambridge Judge Business School for their significant contributions.

Vasiliki Zarra, UK HR Account Manager, Royal Dutch Shell