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Our programmes

The Cambridge MBA

A unique and transformative experience, in just 12 months.

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Master of Finance (MFin)

Academically rigorous and commercially relevant, our post-experience degree will sharpen your perspective and broaden your knowledge.

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Executive MBA

A 20-month degree programme for senior executives, attended by people from around the world. Participants can continue working while earning a Cambridge degree.

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Executive Education Open Programmes

Our Open Programmes are designed for mid to senior level executives around the world seeking new perspectives and insights on key management issues.

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Executive Education Custom Programmes

Our custom programmes not only help develop individual and organisational capabilities, they transform the way you think.

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Research programmes

Our PhD programme educates the academic leaders of tomorrow. It attracts individuals of the highest intellectual calibre with a desire to leave a mark on the world as academics in a business school, applying the rigour of academic debate to the world’s most pressing problems.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship

A 12 month, part-time programme that transforms the entrepreneurial aspirations of ambitious individuals into real action and new enterprises.

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Professional Practice MPhils

Programmes for members of the University of Cambridge


Zohra Khaku, Founder & Editor of Halal Gems

The halal food market is worth around £1bn a year in the UK alone. But it’s still not easy to find halal …

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Darrin M. Disley, CEO & President of Horizon Discovery Group

Thanks to the kickstart of a Cambridge PhD, Horizon’s CEO aims to make his 200 million pound company the most successful life …

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Why relying on experience could actually harm your business

by Dr Kishore Sengupta, Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School In my dealings with leading organisations across many sectors, …

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Trust is a professional problem: why your business needs an ethical vision

We all know that trust is vital to any successful business, and research shows that trusted organisations regularly outperform their less trusted …

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Three weeks in Cambridge

Three weeks back in Cambridge changed my life, says Cambridge alumnus Constantine Goulimis. If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like …

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Doug Rowe (MBA 2008), Director at Nookie

Whether it’s artisan bread, designer popcorn or organic chocolate, high-end food is big business. Could brothers Doug (MBA 2008) and Marcus Rowe’s …

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Simon Glass (MBA 1999), Founder of qodeo

The global venture community has traditionally relied on historic data when deciding what to back. But qodeo, the company founded by Simon …

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Upcoming events

London, 15 April 2015

After the Financial Crisis in Our Economies: The Role of SMEs

At our April Cambridge Judge Business Briefing, Dr Khaled Soufani will argue that the role of SMEs in achieving economic growth, creating jobs, and generating innovative ideas is essential to overall economic prosperity following the impact of the 2007 global financial crisis.

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Latest news

Bank (mis)trust

Banks have largely failed to rebuild public trust, David De Cremer writes in Harvard Business Review. While banks have increased their number …

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AstraZeneca and Cambridge Judge Business School announce collaboration to identify and support biotech start-ups

AstraZeneca and the University of Cambridge Judge Business School today announced an agreement to deliver a new “Accelerate Cambridge Life Sciences” programme …

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CfEL to deliver innovation and entrepreneurship training for engineers in emerging economies

Cambridge Judge Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) is running a series of entrepreneurship courses for the Royal Academy of Engineering …

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Morale matters

Cambridge Judge Fellow Ben Hardy wins Chartered Management Institute award. A research paper on improving employee morale and performance, whose lead author …

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The clone domination strategy is binary, simple, scalable, and sustainable; restrict promotion to anyone not made of green Play-Doh. This clone proliferation cycle ensures the tide of bureaucratic inertia continues, status quo dominates, and the stress of change is non-existent – a true clone nirvana.
Colonel Bill DeMarco, Centre for Social Innovation (posted on 3 March 2015)
Earlier this week, BP published its 2015 Energy Outlook, which shows fossil-fuel CO2 emissions growing by 25% by 2035. What do BP's emission figures imply for the climate change impacts that we would be committed to, if they were to come about?
Dr Chris Hope, Reader in Policy Modelling (posted on 20 February 2015)
The achievements of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning mean there's no better place to turn fledgling ideas into successful ventures.
Professor Christoph Loch, Director of Cambridge Judge Business School (posted on 1 December 2014)

The opinions expressed are those of the authors and are not necessarily representative of the views of CJBS, the University of Cambridge, or any other party.

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Media coverage

Harvard Business review: Why our trust in banks hasn’t been restored

David De Cremer, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, says banks have largely failed to rebuild public trust. …

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Business Weekly: AstraZeneca and Cambridge Judge launch school for biotech startups

The new partnership between AstraZeneca and Cambridge Judge Business School will deliver a new life-science programme which will identify, train and mentor …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Doing well by doing truly good

Not every business who call themselves “social” is making a difference to society, write Cambridge Judge Business School’s Neil Stott and Paul …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: The 48-hour count down

Jenny Chapman interviews Cambridge Judge alumnus Gonçalo de Vasconcelos (MBA 2010), co-founder of SyndicateRoom. The crowdfunding platform was launched with Tom Britton …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: We should demand a truly digital government

In the new book Digitizing Government Mark Thompson, University Senior Lecturer in Information systems at Cambridge Judge, urges governments to use new …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Prize freeze is no solution to “energy trilemma”

Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge, says the prize freeze is not the best solution. Although this practice is …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Trust arrives on foot and leaves by horse

David De Cremer, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, says banking sector should pay more attention to what …

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Business Review Europe: Business learning can reverse brain drain

Concern about executive “brain drain” from developing countries is misplaced. “Indirect” learning in mature markets crucial to developing-country firms’ growth, says research …

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