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Our programmes

The Cambridge MBA

A unique and transformative experience, in just 12 months.

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Master of Finance (MFin)

Academically rigorous and commercially relevant, our post-experience degree will sharpen your perspective and broaden your knowledge.

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Executive MBA

A 20-month degree programme for senior executives, attended by people from around the world. Participants can continue working while earning a Cambridge degree.

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Executive Education

A wide range of open enrolment and customised programmes designed for organisations, business professionals, managers, leaders and executives who strive for professional and personal growth.

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Research programmes

Our PhD programme educates the academic leaders of tomorrow. It attracts individuals of the highest intellectual calibre with a desire to leave a mark on the world as academics in a business school, applying the rigour of academic debate to the world’s most pressing problems.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship

A 12 month, part-time programme that transforms the entrepreneurial aspirations of ambitious individuals into real action and new enterprises.

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MSt in Social Innovation

A part-time programme designed for practitioners for the business, public and social sectors who wish to lead innovative solutions to pressing social issues.

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Programmes for members of the University of Cambridge

Upcoming events

Now till 13 December 2016

Unseen Pavilion

Cambridge Judge Business School is delighted to announce their first public art commission by Sonny Sanjay Vadgama. Working on-site, the artist has interacted with Cambridge Judge to create an evolving installation.

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Managers mistakenly prioritise ‘good vibes’ over ‘bad news’

Have managers ‘lost the ability to listen to bad news?’ A new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School suggests they have, …

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Are they following you? Here are the real reasons why your team just aren’t into your leadership.

New research from Cambridge Judge Business School suggests successful leaders need to connect with their teams in one of three key ways. …

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Work for good

Venture begun by Cambridge MBA alumnus Rupert Pick helps simplify business donations to charities. There are more than 195,000 charities in the …

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How an Executive MBA can help those working in the charity sector

Tom Ellum of Marie Stopes International is studying for his Executive MBA with assistance from the Sainsbury Bursary Scheme, a scholarship aimed …

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Latest news

Getting down to rugby business at Twickenham

Cambridge Judge students getting ready for the Varsity Match between Cambridge and Oxford at Twickenham Stadium. Five students at Cambridge Judge Business …

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Grant for LIFNanoRx

Venture that fights Multiple Sclerosis through ‘NanoMedicine’, supported by Cambridge Judge Business School, gets £1 million new funding. LIFNanoRx, a venture supported …

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Small business review

David Connell of the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge to lead review on UK government Small Business Research Initiative. The …

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Derivatives reform opportunity

Sovereign wealth funds can benefit from derivatives reform, says white paper from BNY Mellon and MFin students at Cambridge Judge Business School. …

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Dealing with stigma in social enterprise

Study by Professor Paul Tracey of Cambridge Judge about how organisations can positively handle “stigma” is cited in the Stanford Social Innovation …

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We have got so used to the relentless rise of China’s foreign exchange reserves that it ought to be news that they are no longer rising, being roughly stable recently at about $3 trillion. In fact China experienced an outflow of capital in the second quarter of 2012. The future appreciation of the renminbi can no longer be taken for granted.
Dr Simon Taylor, University Lecturer in Finance (posted on 18 Septmeber 2016)
During the US election campaign, Donald Trump said that he would dismantle the country’s domestic climate change policies, and withdraw the US from international climate agreements, most notably the Paris agreement which came into force earlier this month. In the week since he became President-Elect, he has given every indication that he is serious in his intentions.
Dr Chris Hope, Reader in Policy Modelling (posted on 11 November 2016)
During a recent field trip to Indonesia, I became aware of the challenges that development practitioners face when attempting to develop enterprise structures in rural communities...
Isabel Brüggemann, PhD student, Centre for Social Innovation Blog (posted on 5 July 2016)

The opinions expressed are those of the authors and are not necessarily representative of the views of CJBS, the University of Cambridge, or any other party.

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Media coverage

Cambridge Business Magazine: Which do we trust more ‘fin’ or the ‘tech’?

Banks need to address trust issues as they face new digital challenges, says Robert Wardrop, Executive Director of the Cambridge Centre for …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Cryptocurrencies can help the world’s poorest

Many of the world’s poorest poor don’t have access to a bank account and yet depend on being able to transfer money …

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Cambridge TV: Cambridge Social Ventures

Tamzin Byrne from Cambridge Social Ventures, part of the Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge, talks about the rise of social …

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Business Weekly: New Multiple Sclerosis treatment wins £1m funding

LIFNanoRx, a venture supported by Cambridge Judge that fights Multiple Sclerosis (MS), will receive £1 million to support its pioneering global solution …

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Cambridge TV: Weather and voting

Dr Jochen Menges, University Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School, talks about his study on how weather affects voting …

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The New York Times: Is digital connectedness good or bad for people?

Noa Gafni Slaney, founder of Impact Squared and Fellow of Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses the Internet and how …

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Cambridge News: Raspberry Pi computer sales hit 11 million

The low-cost Raspberry Pi single-board computer hit the 11 million sale mark, said founder and CEO Eben Upton. Eben, an alumnus of …

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Business Weekly: Health ‘infusiast’ helps Cambridge entrepreneurs brew success

Two established entrepreneurs will share their insight on how to build a dream team in the next Enterprise Tuesday event on 29 …

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