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Business and Management

Cambridge Judge ranked #1 for Business and Management Studies as part of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 exercise carried out by the UK higher education funding bodies.


One year MBA in the UK

The Cambridge MBA ranked #1 one-year MBA in the UK by the 2023 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking.


Master of Finance

The Cambridge MFin ranked #2 globally by the Financial Times MFin Post-Experience Ranking.


Global Innovation Index

Cambridge cluster 2023 global #1 for most intensive science and technology activity.


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Professor Michael Pollitt of Cambridge Judge Business School has written extensively on faith and climate policy. He says climate-change campaigners get it wrong by using ‘apocalyptic’ language of hell rather than a positive message of change.

In 2008, Cambridge Judge Business School launched an MBA elective on Climate Leadership. The module, which aimed to encourage students to develop the leadership skills necessary to succeed in a world moving towards a low-carbon economy, examined the science of climate change and weighed the consequences for business. The course was led by Professor Stephen Peake (Fellow in Economics and Policy, and Lecturer). It was while teaching the course that Stephen was challenged by his students not to fly again. And he hasn’t been on a plane since.

This novel update released by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) as part of the Cambridge Digital Assets Programme (CDAP) presents a new study that estimates Ethereum's historical emissions debt to be 27.5 MtCO2e and current yearly emissions to be 2.8 KtCO2e, highlighting the impact of The Merge from an environmental perspective. This tool marks the latest addition to the Cambridge Blockchain Network Sustainability Index and provides a wide range of pertinent insights into Ethereum before and after The Merge.

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Join Monica Wirz and Jennifer Martin for an Executive event about women in business.

Speakers: Bhumika Billa, Louise Bishop, Professor Simon Deakin, Dr Kamelia Pourkermani and Tvisha Shroff, Centre for Business Research (CBR)

Join our online panel discussion about understanding and addressing microaggressions in the workplace and beyond.

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