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Recruiting MFins

The MFin 2013 class offers recruiters a source of high calibre people who can combine a thorough technical foundation in finance and financial products with strong communication skills and a good understanding of the business context of finance.

Each member of the class has:

  • At least two years' experience in finance
  • Strong analytical and communication skills
  • Graduated from an academically rigorous and commercially relevant master of finance programme

In 2011 a New York Times poll of chief executives and chairmen from leading companies placed Cambridge 4th in a list of the universities from which they recruit.

Recruit online

Cambridge Judge Business School has launched a new free Online Careers Centre for posting jobs and searching Cambridge MFins' CVs.

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Present on-campus

Please contact us on if you are interested in attending our careers fairs to display and present to our students during our on-campus recruitment events.

Online Careers Centre

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MFin class profile

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