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The Enterprisers programme is a four-day residential programme that aims to build participants’ self-confidence and self-belief and enable them to apply their knowledge and skills in entrepreneurial ways.

Established by the Cambridge-MIT Institute in 2002, the programme helps students to understand their own perceived levels of risk tolerance by working in teams, interacting with entrepreneurs, simulating business tasks and working on real ideas in both creative and practical ways. It encourages individuals to develop their skills to see and take advantage of business opportunities, debunking many of the perceived obstacles to entrepreneurship and identifies risk as an essential part of being enterprising.

Our associated research has shown that this highly interactive programme enables participants to gain the motivation and intent to make things happen - to create new ventures or support existing ones through increased proactivity and a more innovative approach.

Aims and benefits

This intensive programme is designed to provide a dynamic, confidence-building environment where participants can unlock entrepreneurial potential as well as developing key communication and creative skills. In addition, students will learn new ways of thinking about their research, particularly in terms of increasing the impact of ideas and their application to the community.


  • To develop entrepreneurial confidence in individuals
  • To foster an entrepreneurial mindset and enterprise culture
  • To support a social and ethical context for venture creation
  • To unleash creativity
  • To stimulate enterprising projects


  • Unlock a 'can-do' attitude
  • Be inspired to think about and learn to evolve new ideas
  • Be part of a vibrant, like-minded community of entrepreneurs
  • Gain access to an international alumni network
  • Improve social networking skills and the ability to pitch an idea
  • Exchange knowledge

Key facts

  • 24 Enterprisers programmes took place between 2002 and 2011, inspiring over 1,000 students
  • Over 60 entrepreneurial ventures are currently being pursued by individuals from the international Enterprisers alumni network
  • The programme has been facilitated by more than 200 mentors including academics, entrepreneurs, Enterprisers alumni and industry experts
  • The proportion of participants who feel they had a "good" understanding of what it takes to start a business rose from 24.1% at the beginning of the course to 72.7% at the end.
  • The percentage believing they had the ability to start a business more than tripled from 20.4% at the beginning of the course to 67.3% at the end.


Applications for Enterprisers 2015 are now closed.


The Enterprisers programme is aimed at ambitious and energetic individuals. The programme is fun, action-orientated, practical and based on experiential, hands-on learning.

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