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Newton Centre for Endowment Asset Management

Who we are

Cambridge Judge Business School

About the Centre

The Centre for Endowment Asset Management (CEAM) is part of Cambridge Judge Business School and brings together experts with the goal of participating in research and engagement that furthers academic knowledge and practitioner understanding of long horizon investing.

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The Centre collaborates with a network of researchers and practitioners who are committed to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of long-horizon investing as it relates to asset owners like foundations, charities, endowments, family offices and sovereign wealth funds.

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What we do


Research is organised broadly around a series of themes that relate to long-term investing, including endowment asset management, responsible investing and historical perspectives on investing.

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The Centre is committed to developing case studies of leading long-term investors. Our research staff contribute to teaching on a number of graduate degrees as well as practitioner seminars based in Cambridge and other organisations globally.

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Conferences and seminars

The primary goal of our events is to provide a forum through which best practice, knowledge and research can be shared, both within academia and between academia and the non-academic community. Two-way exchange and mutual collaboration are central to the success of these events.

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Commonfund Research Prize

Presented annually to the best paper relevant to foundation and endowment asset management.

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News & insights

The Wall Street Journal: John Maynard Keynes: Courage is the key for investing

A study co-authored by Dr David Chambers, Reader in Finance and Academic Director of the Newton Centre for Endowment Asset Management (CEAM), …

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Unconventional investments: what we can learn from Keynes

Why the lauded economist’s unconventional views on active management and long term investment could unlock the potential of a modern investment strategy. …

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Research on inclusive capitalism

Corporate engagement project involving Professor Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge selected by the Principles for Responsible Investment organisation. The Principles for Responsible …

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The Economist: Back in fashion: Emerging markets are popular with investors again

The stockmarkets of developing countries are getting more popular with investors again and this year they have generated a return of 13 …

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The Wall Street Journal: The new abnormal: coping with weirdness in bonds

Jason Zweig looks at low interest rates and how this affects investment. Research co-authored by Professor Elroy Dimson, Chairman of the Newton …

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Information & resources

Our partners

The goal of our partnerships is to build an external community through which engagement and knowledge exchange can take place. These partnerships are based on the mutual recognition of the importance of independent academic scholarship, and the potential for long-term value creation through bridging the gaps between research, practice and policy.

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The Centre publishes its research in leading academic and practitioner journals globally.

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Useful links

Further information about conferences where CEAM research is being presented and a list of useful links to other organisations and websites working on similar areas to the Newton Centre for Endowment Asset Management.

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Contact us

Newton Centre for Endowment Asset Management
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
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