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Job market candidates

PhD students on the academic job market

The following Cambridge Judge Business School PhD students are currently seeking academic positions. Similar recent PhD graduates have taken postdoctoral or faculty positions at leading research institutions such as Erasmus, IESE Business School and London Business School.

Melanie Milovac

Melanie Milovac
Job market paper(s)

Reading emotional tea leaves: how judges' implicit theories about entrepreneurs' affect inform their impressions of nascent entrepreneurs (click on 'Show more' to view the abstract)

Recent scholarship on impressions of nascent entrepreneurs suggests that implicit theories, colloquially referred to as gut feelings or intuition, shape how judges evaluate nascent entrepreneurs. Such findings raise broader theoretical questions about the psychological underpinnings of these implicit theories. The research presented here investigates how judges' implicit theories about entrepreneurs' affective states (i.e., implicit entrepreneur affect theories, or IEATs) underlie their impressions of nascent entrepreneurs. Using A/B testing (Davis, 2015), we systematically investigate the influence of these IEATs in the impressions formed by judges. Study 1 shows that judges prefer entrepreneurs with apparent negative affect to entrepreneurs with apparent positive affect. Study 2 tests the causal mechanism underlying this preference, suggesting that judges believe entrepreneurs' apparent negative affect indicates an analytical mindset. Study 3 employs professional actors to re-enact pitches in entrepreneurial duos comprising a chief creative officer and a chief financial officer. Within this context of an entrepreneurial duo, we identify a case where judges favour apparent positive affect, specifically, for the member of the team with a designated role focused on idea generation. This preference for role-congruent affective diversity further contributes to theory about the underlying implicit processes that drive evaluations of nascent entrepreneurs.

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