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These ventures have been with Accelerate Cambridge for over three months and are either looking to finalise their product or close their first sales.

Cambridge Predictive Analytics

Type 2 diabetes is an acquired disease, and has become one of the leading causes of death. Diabetes is about to become the biggest health care problem around the world and in the United Kingdom in particular. Cambridge Predictive Analytics is developing the technology for monitoring healthy people, that are in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and to provide them a personally tailored nutrition plan to reduce that risk. Further, our goal is to also help people that are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, to maintain safe glucose levels for a  normal life, while reducing the dependency on pharmaceutical and clinical intervention and its side effects.

Capito Systems

Capito Systems (est. 2012), also trading as, specialises in the contextual understanding of natural language (NLU). We have built a high performance NLU cloud platform that delivers application-specific semantic understanding of free-form voice and text inputs at speed and scale. Applications include intelligent voice control, conversational interfaces like chat bots, and semantic search. Our technology is platform-independent and easy to integrate via our APIs. We are able to ‘bootstrap’ NLU models quickly using the latest machine learning techniques coupled with our streamlined development workflows in support of rapid prototyping & testing. Unlike other NLP/NLU solutions, including the “open developer platforms” offered by major players like Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, ours is a premium NLU product customised for each use case by our in-house experts, as we seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients. 


Citrecycle has adapted new technology that unlocks the full potential of the lead-acid batteries (LAB) recycling industry in developing countries whilst simultaneously maintaining focus on development objectives. Citrecycle uses hydro metallurgy to recycle LAB in a safe, clean and sustainable way. We will utilise local independent co-operatives to collect the supply for recycling. Our ability to extract more value from each battery enables us to buy batteries at greater value than that that can be obtained from informal recycling. We can double the amount paid per battery, and still remain profitable, to ensure Citrecycle can absorb the informal recycling sector. Our process then recycles the batteries cleanly, using a Carbon neutral process. Hydro metallurgy inherently restricts poisonous emissions, slashes direct and indirect CO2 and operates profitably at smaller scales, 1000 tons per year rather than 50,000 - the size at which adequate pollution controls are considered to be cost effective. The scalable nature means that small, community directed plants will not replace the informal recyclers industry, but empower local communities by providing a cleaner and safer way to make money through localised employment. The replacement of informal LAB recycling practices with a safe provision that does not involve dangerous emissions, eradicates exposure of local communities and the environment to lead contamination, eliminating the risk of lead poisoning. The need for strong infrastructure for mass collection is overcome, sound legislation is unnecessary to regulate safety and exposure of local communities and the environment to lead contamination is prevented. Pollution, lead poisoning and fatality are replaced by job opportunities, prosperity, cleanliness and health.

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CrossBridge Scientific

CrossBridge Scientific offers a simple, minimal effort fitness test delivered via a wearable device to measure human thermoregulation. Sweating is an essential physiological response to rises in core body temperature triggered by physical activity and other stressors. Few understand why they sweat or that the sweating response is improved through physical training. CrossBridge Scientific’s analytics platform is powered by aggregated tests of a diverse community to provide insights to the end user, including the impact of a chosen training, or de-training, program and personal capability assessment on event day. CrossBridge Scientific aims to further the scientific theory and physical training impact of the thermoregulation process to advance human achievements in endurance sport.

Elpis BioMed

Elpis BioMed aims to become a leading, global supplier of in vitro cell types for academic research and commercial drug discovery and development purposes. The cells could provide an alternative to the limited supply of primary cells and replace animal studies in other cases. Elpis Biomed’s proprietary technology allows it rapidly to generate highly mature, differentiated cell types at unmatched purity. The process is scalable with the potential to expand product offering with additional cell-types in the neuro-mesoderm focus area. Initial products will be cortical neurons, oligodendrocytes and skeletal muscle cells.


Entomics aims to convert food waste into energy. Our method uses insects - specifically the Black Soldier Fly - as an efficient biological catalyst for converting previous un-usable food waste into fat-rich larval biomass, which can then be refined into biodiesel. This process represents a sustainable alternative to existing biofuel production methods, which use 'fuel crops' that often replace arable food-producing land. In addition, our process yields a range of additional natural outputs ranging from compost to high-protein animal feed, which highlights the efficiency of the system and our company's focus on sustainability.

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Immaterial have developed a porous material that can be put inside a gas tank to enable it to store 16 times as much gas at the same pressure and in the same volume. Hundreds of billions of pounds are spent every year on storing and transporting industrial gases. Our technology creates value by making this substantially more efficient, without impacting on current operational methods. We are able to unlock design flexibility and cost-savings in industries ranging from healthcare to industrial gas transport.

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Intact Digital

Intact Digital, Ltd provides services that sustain the use of software applications and systems beyond their market life-time and ensure that digital content, document, and data can be used in the future. Intact Digital services are delivered through virtualization of legacy software and through transformation of data and document formats for use with contemporary software. They enable enterprises to futureproof their software and content and to support digital continuity in their business operations and innovation strategy. 

INTACT Software platform enables software vendors to host their current and past software in virtual machines and reassure their customers that the software will stay functional and usable beyond its market lifetime. 

INTACT Content assurance augments standard storage services by providing legacy software that is needed to access archived data and content. The legacy software is virtualized and provided 

INTACT Continuity services reduce the risk of disruption and loss during migration and decommission of legacy systems. They provide comprehensive and long term strategy for retaining value of digital assets. 

Intact Digital services can host virtualized legacy software that has been produced and used within the past three decades. The use of virtualized software is enabled remotely, as a cloud service, or locally, as an on-premise installation. Virtualized software applications enable the use of documents, data, and applications in their original form. With Intact Digital conversion services the customer can also extract data and transform document formats for use across different applications and services.

Organizations that need to ensure long term use of digital archives can select Intact Digital Assurance plans to acquire access to the collection of virtualized legacy software required for content access. 

Intact Digital services enable enterprises to extend the value of their IT investment, increase the reliability of compliance procedures, and expand opportunities for innovation through the use of data and tools that would, otherwise, be inaccessible and unusable due to the aging of digital technologies.

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LIFNanoRx is a nano-bio-med company focused on treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disabling incurable auto-immune inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (CNS) commonly affecting young adults. LIF - short for Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor - is a critical stem cell factor that has unique biological properties: these not only promote tissue repair but also suppress disease-linked inflammation. These therapeutic properties are harnessed in LIFNanoRx's targeted medicinal nanoparticle - "LIFNano" - providing a safe, cell-free, drug-free and potentially curative approach to MS. The technology is patented and LIFNanoRx holds worldwide exclusive licence in exploitation of LIF using their NanoMed platform technology.

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The rise of antibiotic resistance is one example of the need for new medicines; however, the pharmaceutical industry is facing a downturn in drug discovery success with shrinking pipelines and blockbusters coming off patent despite enormous amounts of money being spent on drug discovery every year ($1.5 bn).

One solution for discovering new medicines is by finding innovative ways to generate new leads and provide a much-needed boost to the early drug discovery process, which can feed into industry pipelines. Academic research groups around the world possess thousands of under-tested and under-utilised compounds and although these get published in journals the journey for the compounds often ends there, as they are often only tested against a handful of biological targets and rarely applied any further.

At PHARMeNABLE we will initially use the Spring research group’s unique compound library in conjunction with the multi-target screening programme developed by the Bender group, to identify novel hit compounds and eventually leads against the most challenging biological targets. The discovery of these initial hits could lead to the development of next-generation therapeutics, for example, a novel antibacterial agent or a much needed cancer treatment.

RNAissance Therapeutics

RNAissance Therapeutics is a nanotherapeutics company based in Cambridge, UK. RNAissance is currently developing a novel treatment for Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Over 26,000 patients are diagnosed with GBM per annum in the USA and Europe. It is one of the most lethal types of cancer, with a five-year survival rate of less than 10 per cent. The treatment of GBM remains palliative, with a median survival of 15 months. The present front-line GBM chemotherapeutic, temozolomide, is ineffective in 50 per cent of patients. To address these unmet clinical needs, RNAissance is developing a targeted cancer therapy based on highly specific RNA-DNA hybrid nanorings. These nanorings set themselves apart from other therapies by being able to simultaneously silence up to six selected cancer-related genes via a biological process called RNA interference (RNAi). By multi-targeting genes, we can achieve synergistic effects leading to increased cancer cell death and, ultimately, more effective treatment.

RNAissance’s platform technology has improved cell targeting abilities and higher gene silencing efficacy than conventional RNAi-based strategies. Importantly, our RNA-DNA hybrid nanoring, with its flexible modular design, has a significant therapeutic potential against multiple diseases, including different cancer types and viral infections, as shown by our preclinical studies.


 Satavia is an analytics and visualisation company that develops bespoke environmental awareness solutions for all segments of the aviation market. We aim to provide ‘personalised environmental health management’ for aircraft and unmanned aerial systems to reinforce the safety and reliability of flight operations, while minimising unanticipated maintenance costs. Satavia delivers live aircraft-centric metrics for a range of environmental threats and combines expertise in aeronautical meteorology, big data and analytics, and 3-D visualisation technology.


SmartBell offers a simple way to implement a fully integrated and automated solution for livestock management, including livestock status and distress alerts, herd analysis and customised farm management reports. Using advanced analytics on data gathered from cattle wearables, information from individual farms is aggregated across regional farms to better understand land utilisation and promote proven efficiencies. Long-term weather trends and predictions, such as a forecasted droughts, are factored into this data to develop predictive analysis and planning of land and resources for optimising yield.

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Digital currencies represent the future of global on and offline payments. They are fast, cheap, convenient, irreversible and do not rely on a central authority to oversee and run them. They are not limited by geography or nationality and enable payments to be made between people on opposite sides of the globe in seconds lowering the barrier to global business and travel. At the same time, their design and cost structure enable the 2.5 billion unbanked adults worldwide (over 60 per cent of the world's adult population) to finally have a method of transacting and saving out with the cash economy. 

Solidi aims to make buying, selling, spending and holding digital currencies as easy as using cash, while retaining all the benefits of an unforgeable digital token. 

We provide a UK-based, person-to-person matching exchange tightly integrated with the UK Faster Payments System, a mobile app to buy and sell on the exchange, monthly savings options, and an easy to use mobile wallet which supports repurchasing digital currencies as you spend them. 

We are regulated by HMRC as a Bureau de Change and are actively pursuing registration with the FCA as a Money Services Business. Our founders have substantial experience in FinTech and mobile having worked at major investment banks and mobile technology firms.

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Swift Molecular Diagnostics

Swift Molecular Diagnostics have created a novel technology that allows the development of self-contained diagnostic devices for the fast, accurate and low-cost genetic detection that do not require laboratory facilities or trained personnel.

We have filed the patent application of our technology and we aim in the first instance to implement our technology to detect antibiotic resistance from patients, allowing the effective treatment of bacterial infections and fast response in acute cases such as bacteraemia and septicaemia.

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Xcan Net

Xcan Net provides software and a cloud-based solution that enables doctors to analyse X-ray images more quickly and accurately. We use neural networks (a machine learning technique) to rank images by their severity and highlight potentially dangerous features to radiologists. Our system offers an effective solution to tackle the increasing demand on X-ray image reporting and the large shortage of radiologists across the world. The Xcan Net team has medical, programming as well as consulting expertise.