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These ventures have just started at Accelerate Cambridge. They are at various stages of development, with some having already raised their first seed round.


AutonomiCity powers the smart infrastructure of tomorrow. We provide resilient and sustainable solution to extend the life span of the buildings by combining biomimetic designs with 3D printing technology and the use of recycled plastic. Our hope is to create together a living future for our next generation.

Visit the AutonomiCity website

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We develop large-scale 3d printers based on cable driven parallel robots. With our robot we will produce highly individual export boxings for manufacturers of large and awkward machines, components, and goods. The boxes will be printed out of recycled plastic and will help our clients to deliver their products safely around the globe. Through additive manufacturing we bring a high degree of automatisation and digitalisation to the production process of export boxing.

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The Copper Crew

Launched in July 2020, The Copper Crew is a Cambridge based canned wine business, founded by three friends all under 25: Theo Gough, Oli Purnell and Sam Lambson. Theo and Oli are Cambridge locals, while Sam is The Crew’s winemaker, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The name, The Copper Crew, comes from Theo and Oli’s ginger hair.

We focus on sourcing and blending South African wines, specifically to be canned. We use cans for their lower environmental impact, convenience and moderation of serving size.

Visit The Copper Crew website

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deepMirror accelerates biomedical research with powerful and easy to use AI software tools. Our cloud-based web applications simplify complex data analysis workflows to save researchers hours of their time. Our clients can gain access to our growing portfolio of existing software tools, or partner with us to create new software solutions to tackle their biomedical data analysis.

Visit the deepMirror website

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Genchi is a platform for students to find and share opportunities. We believe in empowering people to create their own impact through equal access to opportunities. We want to enable people to develop their skillset and contribute towards causes that are meaningful to them.

Visit the Genchi website

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Lionheart Lifting

Lionheart Lifting is bringing a new brand of fitness equipment to the market designed around the needs of military members and those who work or live in uniquely challenging conditions. With U.S. military experience on the founding team, we are developing a value proposition that addresses space requirements, anti-microbial needs, durability, and many other features that fall short in serving this demanding space. Utilising military agencies as a beachhead for market penetration, Lionheart will also serve the private sector as the go-to brand for military level fitness and physical discipline.

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Matopia is the end to end material solution aimed at improving the efficiency of material use in the construction industry. The Matopia platform will further digitise the material management systems in construction, placing particular focus on overall sustainability and carbon reduction.

Our goal is to progress the industry to a state where it is able to optimise the use of both primary and secondary materials throughout the stages of construction, maintenance and reuse.

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The Marketing Meetup

The Marketing Meetup is a positively lovely community of marketers from around the world. We educate and connect marketers, doing it in an environment that values kindness and community above all else.

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UView is an AI-powered social-network and talent discovery platform for the entertainment industry that enables industry professionals, venues and brands to discover, track and sign emerging talent. Artists are provided with tools to bank, reward and monetise their fan base in one centralised hub, and further their careers by unlocking exclusive opportunities.

Founded by University of Cambridge graduate and Google Engineer, Pawel Burzynski, and former Artist managers, UView has already built a highly exciting and experienced team including blue-chip CFO and former CTO TransferWise For Business. UView’s Advisory Board includes the Director of Data & Insights at Warner Music Group, and their registered users inc. major entertainment companies, responsible for 300m+ streams.

Visit the UView website

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Wishliner uses spare luggage space in a traveller’s journey to get shoppers what they want from anywhere in the world. This gives shoppers everywhere a cost effective and efficient alternative to logistics providers like express mail while minimising their carbon footprint. Wishliner operates within communities where trust already exists to ensure the security of members, effectively formalising the existing friends and family network.