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Fluid Intelligence

Fluid Intelligence mitigates risks and improves the performance of industrial plants by automating tedious and error-prone engineering tasks. Our state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology can detect, analyse, forecast and explain patterns in your plant operation data, as well as also help with optimising new designs and elaborating feasibility studies. By empowering engineering and plant teams with quality information while at the same time relieving them from menial tasks, our technology allows these teams to focus their efforts on tasks that really matter. To achieve this goal, our team brings together seasoned engineers and world-leading Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence researchers. Fluid Intelligence is a spin-out company from University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department Machine Learning Group.

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TerraWata provides the experience of a farmer's market, with the convenience of online shopping. It connects small producers and independent sellers of fresh producers across world to consumers who want to know where, and from whom, their food comes. It uses a revolutionary way of shopping, social sharing and offline presence, so that consumers and producers can connect and better understand one another's needs. Using door-to-door network distribution the last-mile to get products from the farm to fridge with maximum freshness is overcome. Finally, using big data producers can anticipate and meet the needs of their consumers, improving satisfaction and profits.

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