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These ventures have just started at Accelerate Cambridge. They are at various stages of development, with some having already raised their first seed round.

Baby Safe

The 'Safe Sleep Seat' from Baby Safe is a patented, award-winning reclining child car seat for infants from birth to four years.

Controlled simply and quickly at the touch of a wireless button from the driver's position, it ensures full control of the vehicle at all times, avoiding an increased potential for accidents on today's busy roads. It is the first car seat of its kind to address the problem of the 'head flopped forward' position, which can occur while driving as a child sleeps, avoiding airway restriction and preventing positional asphyxia. With an increased risk of airway restriction, and possible neck injuries to a child left in this position, it is quickly and simply resolved at the touch of a wireless button, without the problem of reclining manually, as with all current car seats on the market today. The manual rotation feature reduces awkward positioning for placing a child in the seat, preventing back problems for parents as the child grows.

Visit the Baby Safe website

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Cambridge Biologicals Co

Cambridge Biologicals Co is established by Dr Chiwen Chang in 2018 to commercialise a project developed in the University. It is a first-in-class immunotherapy for inflammatory and angiogenesis related diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and cancers etc. It's in an early stage of fundraising for pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Carryr Technologies

We're on a mission to deliver a rapid and unique experience to fashion e-commerce consumers, making it feel like magic.

We do this by partnering up with city-based fashion retailers so that they can offer their online customers a delivery option that can deliver their orders in as little as an hour and have unwanted items collected without any hassle."

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DrML provides an intelligent health management platform which empowers patients to manage their skin issues and supports healthcare professionals in their decision-making to improve patient care through intelligent, real-time data sharing and triaging.

Kalium Diagnostics

Kalium Diagnostics is developing the world's first blood potassium test suitable for home use. The test will help chronic kidney patients and suffers of rare diseases to manage their health away from hospitals and clinics, improving health and lifestyles and significantly reducing the costs of healthcare provision. Our team combines world-class clinical, scientific and product development expertise.

Visit the Kalium Diagnostics website

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Seedlink are designing a low-cost, easy-to-use chemical swab which tests for pesticide residue on food crops. A large percentage of cocoa exported from West Africa is rejected because of high levels of pesticide residue. Current testing methods are lab-based and far out of reach for smallholder farmers or cooperatives. Seedlink allows testing to take place at the source, so farmers can measure and control their pesticide use. This also gives smallholder farmers the ability to know whether their cocoa passes EU regulations for pesticide use, enabling those farmers to access the lucrative export markets directly.

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Trusl Law

Trusl Law is an online legal platform which allows lawyers and their clients to connect and collaborate online. For the clients, the cloud-based offering is a complete end-to-end service which enables legal advice to be personalised, affordable and accessible. For lawyers, it offers a flexible working model that will fall in line with changes to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority guidance which permits freelance work.

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