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These ventures have just started at Accelerate Cambridge. They are at various stages of development, with some having already raised their first seed round.


Biomasys is a diagnostic healthtech startup committed to providing rapid and affordable diagnostics to the most needy in the global south and underserved Western health markets. We’re developing a novel device which leverages machine learning in the identification and detection of biomarkers predictive of miscarriages and preterm births.

It is estimated that 10 per cent of pregnancies in the developing world result in miscarriage or preterm birth. About 810 women die daily from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, 94 per cent of which are in low and lower middle-income countries. We believe our solution can become a global standard for antenatal care and save millions of lives in the process.

Visit the Biomasys website



Citispotter offers disruptive AI-enabled content analysis technologies to help businesses fight misinformation, harmful content and fake news.

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CodiKoat has developed the world’s first anti-viral surface coating that blends electricity and chemistry to provide simple, immediate and long-lasting protection against microbes and viruses, including COVID-19.

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Ditto is a marketplace and directory for freelancers and creators to offer classes, courses and merchandising. Our goal is to reduce the hurdles of web development, SEO and marketing through standardised profiles. We aim for an end-user experience that focuses on searchability and as a catalyst for self-improvement.

Ditto. platform is a state-of-the-art platform that gamifies the experience of logging information on food habits, dietary preferences, food allergies and health goals and then combines it using machine learning to provide hyper personalised and curated food recommendations to its users. These food recommendations can be categorised into three main segments: grocery food, restaurants dishes and new recipes for self-cooking. Consumers are becoming more aware of “free from” and clean labels and are exploring ways to integrate such products into their lifestyle. This requires for them to try out new products that also suit their taste buds. UK consumers are hesitant to try out new products and need some validation either in the form of online reviews or recommendations by friends or family, which makes them miss out several products that they would have liked more than what they are currently consuming. Although the idea is extremely broad and useful for everyone, the beachhead market for this platform are people who suffer from some form of food allergy or have strict dietary preferences and find it extremely difficult to navigate their food choices. A service of this kind can really help them identify new foods that are more relevant to them and perfectly align with their needs.

Visit the Foodbud website logo.


HeatArmour’s vision is to make passive buildings cheaper to build than those with heating systems. As heating systems are phased out, the associated fuel costs, pollution and fuel poverty will be phased out too. Heating buildings currently accounts for 6% of global CO2 emissions and costs $1T a year giving a huge potential for efficiency and decarbonisation.

The aim of this project is to reduce the cost of passive buildings by reducing the amount of floor space that the insulation takes up. We have invented a novel vacuum insulation material that can be cut-to-fit. HeatArmour is much thinner than conventional insulation and unlike vacuum insulation panels, it’s well suited for use in walls and retrofitting, it uses less space, adds value and so makes passive buildings much cheaper.

Heat Armour.


iWarranty is developing a cloud-based solution to eliminate the existing paper-based warranties and manual claim processes. The focus innovation will be in the application of existing and expanding technological development in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create process efficiencies for manufacturers.

iWarranty’s warranty intelligence platform facilitates significant cost reduction and efficiency in terms of warranty management, thereby driving better long-term margin. At the same time, it helps to build brand loyalty and repeat purchases and manage one-to-one customer experience by creating a personalised post-sale customer journey that delivers exceptional brand experience throughout the entire product lifecycle. iWarranty offers consumers convenience and peace of mind when it counts the most! iWarranty’s free mobile apps capture receipts, register products, summarises key warranty terms and allows consumers to make and manage a claim from anywhere anytime.

Visit the iWarranty website


Kitchens Confidential

Kitchens Confidential combines turnkey cloud kitchen space with technology-enabled back-office support. The space is fully built-out with dedicated separate kitchens for each restaurant, and industry-standard equipment. The technology stack includes features such as predictive ordering, menu optimisation, delivery management, digital marketing, and payment API integration. By combining the physical and digital, we provide a platform for restaurants to survive and thrive in a take-away driven market.

Visit the Kitchens Confidential website

Kitchens Confidential logo.


Mecommi is an online local market on a mission to encourage local consumption and introduce a zero-emission circular economy to online shopping. The impact of COVID-19 was felt far and wide but local businesses are really bearing the brunt. Given the changing dynamics of the post-coronavirus reality, our mission is to enhance local consumption and minimise the environmental footprint. The all-female founding team comprises of Shachar Hatan, an expert in sustainable business management and the circular economy, and Alannah Wood, a sustainability enthusiast and experienced startup growth specialist. With our platform, shoppers can browse through their local market stalls and order online. They can select products from their favourite stalls and have it delivered in one, convenient reusable package.

Visit the Mecommi website


perfeXia Health Technologies

We believe clinicians can deliver the best care when their citizens have powerful, intuitive tools. Our flagship product, DocMe, provides actionable health insights just from a selfie and serves as an AI doctor for mobile millennials. We empower citizens to look after their health. Results are:

  • optimised usage and scheduling of GP appointments
  • minimised waiting time and removal of the geographic, demographic and seasonal conditions barriers.

Utilising our proprietary DeepTech, we stand to broaden access to healthcare, empowering people to make better-informed decisions about the care they and their loved ones receive.

Visit the perfeXia Health Technologies website


Silver Street

Silver Street is reimagining the starter home for Generation Rent. With a novel financial product and full-service digital homebuying platform, Silver Street aims to help London millennials get onto the property ladder and start building wealth.

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Silver Street.


SmartImmune provides clinical trials optimisation service to pharma and CROs, making cancer immunotherapies accessible and cost-efficient. We use the power of machine learning (AI) to design multi-dimensional biomarkers based on gene expression from cancer biopsy. Our AI is well suited for clinical application as it is a tractable, “white box” method that allows tracing the linkage between diagnosis, drugs and genes. Our proprietary technology enables:

  • clinical trials (CT) optimisation
  • precision medicine diagnostic tools.

Visit the SmartImmune website

Smart Immnue logo.


We developed SoundOFF to protect workers against noise-induced hearing loss and still have environmental awareness and the ability to communicate effectively. SoundOFF is a smart selective noise control solution. The noise-cancelling technology together with Artificial intelligence will allow users to select the sounds they want to remove. This will lead to more enjoyable life experiences as well as improve safety in the working environment. For example, in the manufacturing industry noise levels are particularly high and require the use of common ear protective devices which may hinder the ability of someone to hear another co-worker shouting or asking for help. SoundOFF will guarantee the user is never exposed to noise levels above the safety limits, thus, it will automatically lower any sound higher than the prescribed level.

SoundOFF logo.