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These ventures have just started at Accelerate Cambridge. They are at various stages of development, with some having already raised their first seed round.

Africa Bio-Innovation Hub

Africa Bio-Innovation Hub is a knowledge and skills hub designed to accelerate the application of modern biotechnologies for crop improvement in African nations. Despite the fact that ~80% of sub-Saharan Africa’s food is supplied by small holder farmers, food insecurity remains a problem throughout Africa.

The activities of the new Bio-Innovation Hub will focus on up-skilling a new cadre of African scientists who are adequately prepared to drive scientific research and innovation forward in African nations. The hub aims to overcome several issues that researchers currently face, including lack of molecular biology training and resources, required to advance their own research programmes focused on crop improvement in Africa.

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CambrIQ provides greenwashing indicators for ESG investing. Our signals provide Ratings on Demand for listed companies. The first Ratings on Demand relates to corporate greenwashing in relation to ESG investing. The Greenwash Ratings on Demand allows investor to gauge future greenwashing behaviour of a company and inform their ESG portfolio investment decisions.

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Data Duopoly

Data Duopoly is driven by data and creativity to create the best possible visitor experience. Our co-founders, Tanuvi, a data whizz, and Erin, a creative wonder, identified a need by venues to better understand their visitors’ behaviours on-site, to improve visitors’ experiences and ultimately increase their revenues. We solve the issue of congestion and frustrations experienced by visitors by facilitating personalised incentives to discover and navigate venues. We provide unique data insights to venues to help them make informed operational and strategic decisions. Our technology is scalable, and we want to be in shopping centres, campuses, event stadiums and visitor attractions worldwide.

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GenerationZero is a new startup launching a world-first AR-enhanced digital learning platform in response to the rising demand for climate education from students and teachers. We give young people agency for change so they can address the climate crisis at school and at home through online project based learning, and also help students gain transferable green skills for the future green economy. We are launching our pilot course on green energy and energy efficiency later in 2022, in partnership with pioneering secondary schools in the UK and internationally.

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Corporate learning is evolving from a prescriptive, in-house model to a self-directed model with ‘learning as a benefit’ having tremendous signalling value for the new-age employer. However, implementation presents a massive challenge for employers while employees struggle with relevant content discovery. GoPivot is a B2B2C enterprise platform that makes self-directed corporate learning simple and efficient. Our recommendation engine uses machine learning to sift through an extensive selection of content resources to curate a hyper-personalised learning journey for each employee based on their profile, preferences and career goals, thereby facilitating relevant content discovery and focusing on skill-first learning.

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Hi Timi

Our venture provides the world’s most comprehensive resource for all user manuals. There are 20+ appliances on average at home. We often see that manuals are scattered around the house. Also, many user manuals are not customer-centric, they are easy to lose, difficult to understand, and some of them are useless.

To solve these problems, we will create an ultimate platform. This can be a central resource for user manuals, and people can manage everything about their manuals here. Moreover, we provide simple and graphical manuals which are easiest to understand. We aim to create a better life for all product users; Providing better manuals for users, so they can use products in a better way, and as a result, products will last longer.

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We are a group of students from a diverse range of disciplines, studying at the University of Cambridge. We first met in the 2021-22 Innovation Programme of the Cambridge MedTech Foundation where we began working on a medical solution to post-operative flap care.

Our solution is designed around our users, with the goal of saving our clients time and money. Our aim is to provide an affordable solution that makes caring easier and better.

Join us on our flap care revolution!

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Food trading companies currently manage 80% of their quality control through the manual inspection of individual images. This process is inefficient, error-prone, and leads to unsustainable practices. At least 5% of frozen seafood shipments are rejected by the end customer for not meeting the expected quality category. This results in millions of tonnes of fish being shipped back to origin, which substantially increases carbon emissions of transportation, energy consumption for food refrigeration, and plastic waste of customer-specific packaging. Overall, a lower cost for the trading company to bring the container back, results in a higher cost for the environment.

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TAJI Finance

TAJI Finance provides loans to saving groups and individuals in saving groups. Using groups and individuals history of borrowing and return behaviour TAJI determines credit worthiness and gives 90 day loans at less that 10% interest rate. Individuals in the group first qualify by having returned two loans successfully within their group. Group social cohesion and want to keep this credit line open is what makes TAJI Finance a success as typical banks interest rate would not lend to microbusinesses and when they do, require collateral and would lend at a rate of 25% and upwards

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Vector Bioscience

Vector Bioscience Cambridge is a recent spin-out from the University of Cambridge. We work towards the commercialisation of a newly developed drug delivery platform technology based on specific porous materials called metal-organic frameworks. In the last years, we have focused on mesothelioma and pancreatic cancer as two hard to treat cancers but this drug delivery platform can be used in multiple diseases, and deliver different molecules including off-patent drugs but also macromolecules such as siRNAs, mRNAs and peptides.

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Nearly 70% of healthcare providers (HCPs) report experiencing burnout, up 20% from pre-pandemic levels. Burnout among the healthcare workforce leads to medical errors, substandard patient care, and higher rates of turnover. These consequences decrease the quality of care that patients receive and cost our healthcare system > £3 billion annually. Unfortunately, current individual and hospital-based wellbeing solutions struggle with adoption and retention.

Vitalize improves well-being and reduces burnout among healthcare providers. We offer a clinician-centric cognitive behavioural therapy mobile app, and web-based dashboard with robust analytics on staff wellbeing and actionable insights for hospital leadership to more efficiently uncover drivers of burnout at their institutions.

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We are building for wisdom, what our ancestors built for wheat and sheep. WisFinit is built on three unique pillars, solving for crucial gaps in the current mentorship market.

Get matched with your ideal role model. WisFinit matches glorious journeys, not optimised keywords. Our intuitive matching algorithm finds you a role model who has similar past experiences, overcame your present struggles, or works in your dream profession.

Engage and connect with this dream role model for free. WisFinit offers a 100% wisdom barter so that your only payment is your hard-earned wisdom. We create a wisdom economy powered by WizCoins and built on a simple formula – Give the wisdom to get wisdom.

WisFinit goes beyond one-time zoom calls to build regular touchpoints with your dream role models. We create innovative AI prompts and nudges that trigger pride, social impact, and validation.

We at WisFinit aim to build a platform that dares to redefine the mentorship equation. A mentorship ecosystem that runs on motivation rather than money and matches people based journeys rather than generic keywords.

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We carried out a survey among all Cambridge Colleges, the result shows that recipe box meal kits – Hello Fresh/Gusto/Simply cook are rarely used by students on campus, while cooked food delivery and frozen food are very popular. We were quite surprised about the result because recipe box meal kits have been around for many years and very well perceived from the UK market.

Youchef is a restaurant meal kit that is specially designed for students, affordable, easy to cook and offer single portion meals, which are the key pain points we identified through research. Youchef achieves a better price than other options by bulk college delivery.

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