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These ventures have just started at Accelerate Cambridge. They are at various stages of development, with some having already raised their first seed round.

Aker Health Tech – SmartScope

Our start-up was founded to solve one of NHS’s biggest challenges; The NHS and endoscopy units have been struggling to meet the increasing demand for colonoscopies, resorting to expensive recourse such as waiting-list initiatives.

Endoscopists need over 300 procedures to perform independently (the longest learning curve for surgical skills). A single colonoscopy is resource intensive, requires an average 45 minutes to complete and 4-5 staff per session.

Our patented innovation focuses on building the next-generation colonoscopy device that tackles all these issues by integrating robotics and intelligent automation (IA). SmartScope is mechanically propelled from outside the body, not pushed manually.

Aker Health logo.


Ancrypt’s mission is to simplify the process of designing and verifying cryptographic protocols in order to save time and costs, and to guarantee the privacy of users’ data and the safety of IoT devices.

Our tool, Crypsis, provides an interactive environment with a graphical language that an IoT engineer can use to design, prototype, qualify, and prove the security of their protocol, without needing to be a cryptography expert.

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Recent surveys by the Wellcome Trust and Nature Journal found that better access to funding data is one of the central concerns for early career researchers today. There is a need for a centralised database and networking platform for funding and career opportunities in academia.

Asothia does exactly this. Through a sophisticated search engine, Asothia matches researchers to tailored funding opportunities, keeping you updated on new calls and events. By utilising innovative technologies and the most comprehensive grants database out there, we help guide researchers through the entire application process: from finding to winning grants.

Asothia logo.


We are a media company supporting children with wellbeing and emotional literacy.

We seek to address the mental health crisis facing children post-pandemic, with children facing long waits for support from services and increasing parental concern about how to support them. Our minimum viable product is a graphic novel and journal for primary school aged children that we are seeking to self-publish in Spring/ Summer 2023, with concurrent parental support online.

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Autoimmunity contributes to many diseases. Chronic fatigue syndrome, Long COVID, lupus, arthritis, cancer – the list is long. Emerging science suggests that autoantibodies that activate or inhibit G protein coupled receptors (functional antibodies) in a large number of diseases. The presence of such autoantibodies can be used for a diagnostic blood test.

Our company AAB (AutoAntiBody) Research is developing technology to detect and identify functional autoantibodies against membrane receptors for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. We are aiming to initially develop diagnostic tests for chronic fatigue syndrome (1% of the population) and then extend to other diseases with AAB against GPCRs.

AutoAntiBody logo.

Biospeak solutions

The idea of the business is to support and enable re-use and long-term sustainability of health and life science research data by offering FAIR Data Management solutions and products specialised in the domain of biomedical research.

Cambridge Bioelectronic Systems (CBS)

We are developing pre-clinical screening tools to bring down the costs of drug discovery. About 90% of in-vitro drug screening is currently performed in 2D cell cultures which poorly represent 3D biology. Additionally, animal models compare poorly to human physiology due to species differences. As a result, many drugs with limited potential reach the clinical stages, leading to over 90% fail rate at the clinic alone.

In effect, we are developing a tool to enable non-promising drug candidates to fail before they reach the clinic, improving patient lives and saving substantial amounts of money in the process.

Carbon Ripple

Carbon Ripple is the world’s first payment solution safeguarding carbon removal transactions from fraud, enhancing trust, transparency and accessibility to the voluntary market worldwide.

We facilitate a carbon neutral world at scale with proven cutting-edge technology, adding strong layers of security to prevent fraud. Bringing the physical supply chain and financing supply chain together in a sustainable format.

Carbon Ripple logo.


AI intelligence platform for web3 Communities. The problem is the lack of Analytics for communities around web3 projects (TG, Discord, Twitter).

The reason is web3 users are anonymous, so community managers/founders can’t use general analytical tools to see who is behind the crypto wallets and analyse their behaviour.

Communiverse logo.


CytogeNiks is a UK-based biotech venture focused on developing affordable diagnostics to improve healthcare. Our main focus is on tackling the issues preventing the prompt diagnosis of sepsis in patients. The aim is to develop a point of care rapid diagnostic that can detect the genetic bio-makers of sepsis early and avoid deaths.

This product can also be utilised to identify a panel of specific immunological mediators involved in the facilitation of a cytokine storm when it presents in patients, as seen in COVID-19 and allow for a prompt diagnosis equipping clinicians with the right tools for early treatment.

This has the potential of saving many lives and saving the NHS millions of pounds.


Developing a device to treat heart failure which can be implanted by a minimally invasive procedure.

La Latch Club

Retail of innovative and patented ergonomic bottles designed to facilitate combined feeding, support breastfeeding by preventing nipple confusion and repairing damaged latching. To help those with disabilities resulting in lack of hand dexterity or requiring a large grip eg due to neurological condition, arthritis etc.

La Latch logo.


Our product uses AI to extract information from digital sources and turn that into flashcards to make the process of learning more efficient.

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Natural, vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly skincare line.

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SpaceChain UK

SpaceChain offers space-as-a-service for modern businesses, enabling companies to innovate new use cases using space products and introduces better security and sustainability for Blockchain applications.

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Our product, Hermes Phonorite, is an ultrasound-based AI-powered platform that enables a multimodal approach for researchers and industries to collect, study and exploit a completely new and unique type of data (proprietary and obtained through special algorithms).

Thanks to ultrasound imaging techniques on the tongue and other anatomical structures involved in vocal articulation has opened up promising scenarios that were previously unimaginable. The range of applications from language education/teaching to medical diagnostics to criminology and forensic investigation is very wide. We are establishing partnerships with the NHS, which has expressed an interest in our product which can help in treating patients with speech disorders. There are also expressions of interests from researchers and others in the tech industry.

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Together Culture Cambridge

We’re a registered Community Interest Company making space for people in and around Cambridge to gather purposefully, work affordably and develop skills collaboratively through purposeful creative gatherings, studios and workspace, and collaborative skills development opportunities.

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