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CapsuleBot is an orally administrated drug delivery capsule that combines wireless capsule endoscopy technology with drug release robotics to deliver therapeutic compounds right to the disease target. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the western world, treated mainly with systemically administrated chemotherapy. CapsuleBot allows for localised drug delivery right to the cancerous site, thereby reducing side effects and increasing efficiency of treatment. The team behind CapsuleBot is formed of four skilled scientists with a vision to develop the most effective drug delivery system for the treatment of colorectal cancer. CapsuleBot - smart capsule for better health!

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Empire Healthcare and Technology Group

Our business provides medical healthcare services using online platform technologies. We provide tiered services depending on patient choice and budget. Users can access local and international healthcare from family doctors to international experts. Patients will be able to access our online services from remote locations shortening the time and costs involved to be seen by a doctor.

Empire Healthcare and Technology Group


Fether is the first real-time end-to-end group booking platform. It takes the hassle out of organising group holidays using an AI-driven travel planner. Fether uses machine learning to take the varied requests and restrictions of a group and returns a complete holiday that ticks everyone's boxes. The app, available cross-platform, is designed so groups can pay for everything in a single step in the app. Fether is where group holidays take flight.

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Fluid Intelligence

Fluid Intelligence mitigates risks and improves the performance of industrial plants by automating tedious and error-prone engineering tasks. Our state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology can detect, analyse, forecast and explain patterns in your plant operation data, as well as also help with optimising new designs and elaborating feasibility studies. By empowering engineering and plant teams with quality information while at the same time relieving them from menial tasks, our technology allows these teams to focus their efforts on tasks that really matter. To achieve this goal, our team brings together seasoned engineers and world-leading Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence researchers. Fluid Intelligence is a spin-out company from University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department Machine Learning Group.

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Kvasir is a company focusing on building scalable semantic analytical platform. The company aims to provide the most efficient platform for content providers to organise their gigantic content repository. Kvasir also allows its users to quickly identify and explore the topics they are interested in on the internet. The core technology for Kvasir is built atop of state-of-the-art machine learning, system and networking science, making it possible to extend the search services to the network edges.

Numa Health

Globally, hundreds of millions of patients do not have guaranteed access to doctors or healthcare services due to scarcity of healthcare resources, and this leads to poor health outcomes for many of these patients.

Numa Health ensures patients and carers always have access to the right health advice and appropriate care when they need it most. By providing high quality healthcare information and advice through convenient mobile device channels, Numa Health ensures patients can access the best available healthcare services and products. Numa Health also ensures that health-focused organisations can better reach their target patient groups.

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Outfield is providing farmers with access to new drone technologies. We are developing a range of innovative services using autonomous aircraft and computer vision systems. Outfield services range from land surveying to horticulture crop management, using systems that are faster, cheaper and more accurate than current field assessment techniques. Outfield is growing the future of precision farming.

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Storimarket is a social online marketplace where you can connect to, and buy food directly from, small and medium producers in Africa. Everyone involved is visible in the transparent and ethical supply chain. Furthermore, you can get to know them and build trust, whilst getting to know the story behind your food. You get the quality food you love, in a way that aligns with your values. Producers get a fair price that allows them to produce their food in a way that protects the environment and provides them with a sustainable livelihood.

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UserContext.AI are a UK-based, deep technology company that builds next generation intelligent services to enable businesses to better understand the needs and interests of their users. They devise machine learning based online services that can automatically detect the task the user is trying to achieve when they interact with an online system (e.g. a search engine, a chatbot, an intelligent assistant, a web portal, etc.) and provide them with better contextual assistance that can help towards completing their tasks with very little effort.

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