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These ventures have just started at Accelerate Cambridge. They are at various stages of development, with some having already raised their first seed round.

Animal Alternative Technologies

Animal Alternative Technologies is a recently founded biotechnology B2B spin out of the University of Cambridge. We are engineering a scalable, end-to-end ecosystem for Cultured Meat production, including specialist processes, enabling technologies, software, hardware and raw materials to democratize access to sustainable food and tackle some of the world’s biggest sustainability and health challenges.

Visit the Animal Alternative website

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Consone AI

Lenticular Print


Limosaero is developing a low-altitude long-endurance solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which has the capability to extend flight time up to multiple days, with zero CO2 emissions. Extending the UAV’s endurance means longer time aloft and further distances travelled. Limosaero’s product will have a competitive advantage over existing technologies as it sits in a market gap between current aircraft, UAV and satellite technologies. Limosaero’s multi-day targeted operation will be disruptive across many industries, such as surveying, telecommunications, environmental monitoring, meteorology, agriculture and many more as it offers new capabilities not currently available.

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Mobile Money Advice




RE.USE – the green way, for takeaway. We are the UK’s first social enterprise to implement a digital system for reusable take-away packaging. Our mission is to eliminate the use of single-use containers in the food delivery market. Our containers are made of highly durable, heat and leak resistant polypropylene, can be traced by our digitised system, reused 1,000 times and recycled into brand new containers.

Our reusable takeaway system allows savings in waste stream hauling fees, frequent purchasing and transportation of disposable containers, and prevents millions of single-use containers ending up in the natural environment and the need for virgin materials, hence reducing environmental impacts. RE.USE represents an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, safe alternative to using single-use containers for takeaway orders.

RE.USE logo.


Collect and match rent, make outgoing payments, report on your entire property portfolio and more – in just a few clicks. Rootspace AI, an automated payment and reconciliation platform specific to the lettings industry. It is integrated into the UK banking system, so the landlord and tenant account balances are accurate at all times. No more spreadsheets, highlighters and bank statements – we guarantee to match payment to the right tenants no matter how your tenants choose to pay. Instantly pay commission, contractors, landlords and other recipients as per tenancy agreement. Automate your tenant invoicing, payment notification and reminders.

Rootspace AI logo.

Swing Fitness Limited

Swing is a FitTech startup that provides pay-as-you-go free-weights and online classes in green spaces. Our goal is to make outdoor gym equipment cheap and accessible across the UK; thereby reducing health inequality and promoting green space exercise. Lime scooters meets Peloton!

Swing logo.

Synthetic Data Service