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These ventures have just started at Accelerate Cambridge. They are at various stages of development, with some having already raised their first seed round.

Animal Alternative Technologies

Animal Alternative Technologies is a recently founded biotechnology B2B spin out of the University of Cambridge. We are engineering a scalable, end-to-end ecosystem for Cultured Meat production, including specialist processes, enabling technologies, software, hardware and raw materials to democratize access to sustainable food and tackle some of the world’s biggest sustainability and health challenges.

Visit the Animal Alternative website

Animal Alternative Technologies logo.


At Animo, we believe that monitoring Parkinson’s disease progression should be as easy as tracking your daily step count. Through our patient and clinician-facing applications, connected by our cloud platform, Animo empowers physicians with representative and accurate patient data. Through the implementation of more efficient, personalised, and cost-effective therapies, we hope to improve the lives of Parkinson’s disease patients worldwide.

Animo logo.


Brainminded is the first ‘BrainTech’ company to offer a comprehensive digital platform bringing personalised cognitive neurorehabilitation and brain health support directly to mild TBI patients, from day one, 24/7, with full remote and self-monitoring, achieved through proprietary artificial intelligence. Brainminded enables patients to lead their own faster, more complete, long-term recovery.

Cambridge Nucleomics

Cambridge Nucleomics is a newly incorporated biotech company, we are pioneering the next generation biosensing technologies for cancers and other diseases, by combining DNA technology with solid-state nanopores. Our unique value proposition is that we can detect hundreds of RNAs and DNAs at the same time at ultra-low concentration and volume with less time and cost.

In particular, the technology has the potential to revolutionise direct multiplexed detection of short RNAs and DNAs. Our vision is to build an innovative platform technology company as well as a data company, thereby transforming precision and personalised medicine in future healthcare.

Visit the Cambridge Nucleomics website

Consone AI

Conesone AI a disruptive technology platform targeting how decisions are made in the drug development process. Accelerating new medicines to market, reducing cost, time and environmental footprints. The Consone AI platform will empower user decision making by successfully predicting effects and viability of new drugs.


Cool offers a CO2 removal service for a fixed price, similar to how garbage men take away your rubbish every week. From there, our CO2 refinery will transform it into a valuable raw material.

This saves emitters the costs of CO2 sequestration and/or emissions penalties and provides a use for CO2 that both scales and permanently removes it from the atmosphere.

Visit the Cool website

Cool logo.


Giddy brings simplicity to the complex subject of financial management within the world of Mobile Money. Giddy significantly simplifies budgeting, spending, saving, and investing. Giddy analyses users’ personal financial records/data and generates custom interactive dashboards, infographics and videos on users’ expenditure profiles, which are delivered to users in an engaging, chat-driven and gamified experience.


FotoStax is developing a camera that lets you capture and print moving images or 3D images in instant print format. Currently it takes weeks to create and receive these prints. By introducing this technology into the instant camera and printing industries we seek to provide individuals and businesses the ability to create these types of images easily and accessibly themselves.

FotoStax logo.

Lamina POP

Lamina POP aims to make dignified housing more accessible for the 1.2 billion people around the world that currently live without adequate shelter. Our novel construction system uses widely available materials to produce buildings that are simpler, more durable, and much cheaper than what is possible with traditional low-cost housing models for the developing world. We have completed over 15 projects with the Lamina POP system in Guatemala, both independently and in partnership with organisations like Habitat for Humanity, and are now focused on scaling up our operations.

Visit the Lamina Pop website

Lamina POP logo.

Lenticular Print


Limosaero is developing a low-altitude long-endurance solar powered UAV which has the capability to extend electric UAV flight time up to multiple days, with zero CO2 emissions. Extending the UAVs endurance means longer time aloft and further distances travelled. Limosaero’s product will have a competitive advantage over existing technologies as it sits in a market gap between current aircraft.

Limosaero logo.


At Mattalabs we are developing AI and technology to enable 3D printers to kickstart the next industrial revolution. We are creating the first self-learning global 3D printer network using advanced computer vision and machine learning to reduce waste, save time and improve efficiency.

Visit the Mattalabs website

Mobile Money Advice


Remediome integrates machine learning and high-throughput screening to discover new enzymes for biorecycling and waste management. The proliferation of waste products is one of the key barriers to achieving a circular economy. Enzymatic waste remediation is cheap and eco-friendly, but many wastes cannot be efficiently degraded by known enzymes. Our scalable pipeline will sort through millions of naturally occurring protein sequences to find new enzymes which can process difficult waste more sustainably.

Remediome logo.


RE.USE – the green way, for takeaway. We are a “return and reuse” logistics system for takeaway food containers. Our mission is to eliminate the use of disposable food boxes in the food delivery and takeaway markets. Our containers are highly durable, heat and leak resistant, traceable by our digital system, can be reused over 1,000 times and ultimately recycled into brand new containers.

Our reusable takeaway system allows savings in waste stream hauling fees, frequent purchasing and transportation of disposable containers, and prevents millions of single-use containers ending up in the natural environment and the need for virgin materials, thereby reducing environmental impacts.

RE.USE represents an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, safe alternative to using single-use containers for takeaway meals.

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ROOTSPACE provides a seamless integrated ecosystem providing efficiency in the tenancy journey with effective communication and controls. Some the benefits of our platform include: Integrated Tenancy Creation and Management, Comprehensive Compliance Management for All parties, Maintenance Management, Deposit and Rental Management including Pay-in, Pay-Out and reconciliation for Tenants, landlords and Estate Agents.

Rootspace AI logo.

Swing Fitness Limited

Swing is a FitTech start-up that provides pay-as-you-go free-weights and online classes in green spaces. Our goal is to provide easy and affordable access to outdoor fitness equipment across the UK; thereby reducing health inequality and promoting green space exercise. Each micro-gym will have an adjustable back-rest (and lid) that can be used as a bench or step. Within the micro-gym there will be a set of adjustable kettlebells, dumbbells, and one or two other pieces of fitness equipment. Users can access the contents by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. Lime scooters meets Peloton!

Swing logo.

Synthetic Data Service

Through our Synthetic Data Service at Health Data Insight, we unlock the power of patient data by enabling researchers and healthcare practitioners to perform research without any risk to patient privacy. Patient data is essential for advancements and innovation in healthcare, however, it cannot be broadly shared due to privacy and confidentiality constraints. The Synthetic Data Service provides an effective solution. It creates a synthetic version of patient data that has useful characteristics of the real data but no patient-identifiable information. This data can be shared without privacy risks and used to gain insights and breakthroughs in healthcare that otherwise would not have been possible.

Synthetic Data Services logo.


Turation is an early-stage deep-tech startup from Cambridge developing Industrial AGI for Smart Factory and building an adaptable AIoT system to synergize automated inspection, root cause analysis, predictive maintenance and process optimisation. Cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies to transform manufacturing.

Visit the Turation website

Turation logo.