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 Anvil is a tool that takes the pain out of software development, without sacrificing power. Companies are best placed to know their own businesses and develop their own business process tools, but developing web applications is hugely slow and complicated. Anvil's visual designer, simple Python code environment and "batteries-included" philosophy makes business application development faster, easier and more agile.

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AppLapp is a spin-off from the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics with the mission to democratise and streamline the tests for the cognitive development of children. These tests are currently inaccessible to parents, cost speech therapists hundreds of pounds, and take around 30 minutes to happen. We will make these tests accessible to parents and speech therapists and reduce the time to five minutes.


Data can be noisy, partial, non-uniform, big, and complex. It comes in all flavours! We believe that the relations within the data are the key to get the most out of it. We look at the structure of your data and model it as a graph. This gives us an edge when it comes to analysis and prediction. We understand the anatomy of the dataset and apply techniques designed to use this information. Arboricity is a Cambridge-based technology startup developing a platform to analyse massive datasets using techniques from graph theory, signal processing, and machine learning. We are currently developing a toolbox of algorithms and technologies to handle data analysis on big graphs. Our team members are active researchers with background and experience in graphs, algorithms, and big data.

CamBioScience Limited

Since 2015 CamBioScience Limited has provided intensive training courses in breakthrough life science technologies for professionals in academia and industry. To date the company has trained an international customer base of professional scientists from over 50 leading academic and industrial institutions and more than 20 countries worldwide. As of 2017 CamBioScience began scaling-up its capacity to deliver breakthrough course content via the construction of a bespoke cloud-based e-learning platform aimed at disrupting high-tech knowledge acquisition and assessment in the wider life science sectors (biotechnology, bioengineering, biopharma and medtech). By making use of our in-house machine learning capabilities we are able to fully individualise the learning process for high-skilled professionals at the very top of their industries. The CamBioScience team is made up of three PhD trained co-founding directors who are aptly supported by a team of leading software developers and a videographer.


NG:Safe is a Cambridge based medtech start-up developing a connected health solution for real-time monitoring of nasogastric feeding tube (NGT) position. Incorrect NGT misplacement is a life-threatening complication and NHS never event, yet still occurs in critical care units across the developed world. NG:Safe’s breakthrough technology exploits fundamental differences between the microenvironments of the lung and stomach to provide a cost effective solution to a growing yet tractable problem in critical care. Together with our clinical collaborators, NG:Safe will eliminate uncertainty in nasogastric feeding tube placement.

Visit the NG:Safe website

Tinker Design – Happy Feet

Tinker Design – Happy Feet is an innovative product development company that combines design aesthetic sensibilities, science, technology and emotion. They focus on enabling the body to gather information, not just from sight and sound, but also through Haptic intelligence. Tinker Design plans to integrate this type of technology to further product creation to contain a sense of purpose and addresses wellbeing.


Vocalens is a Cambridge University spin-out startup developing smart wearable assistive technology for people with visual impairment. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and co-founded by two engineers and Cambridge MBAs.